Age Appropriate? 42-Year-Old Jennifer Lopez Rocks Super Short Frock At 'Idol' Event (PHOTOS)

This isn't what the normal 42-year-old, mother of twins looks like, but Jennifer Lopez is far from ordinary! After a tough road getting to the top 13 on American Idol, the judges were ready to let loose, and in JLo's case, show a lotta leg!

On Thursday evening, Jennifer, along with fellow judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler, all hit up the AI finalists party. Also in attendance was host, Ryan Seacrest. The quartet posed for some photos, as JLo showed off her flawless physique in a super short dress.

What do you think of JLo's look? Is she pulling off this sexy style at her age? Play fashion critic in the comments! 

Not up to speed as to who the final 13 are? Check out who made the cut by clicking through the gallery below!



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  • madina

    she is hot, beautiful and can so pull it off. i see nothing wrong. stop hating guys. where i come from, we would say "mujewo enugu". meaning stop being jeolousy

  • S0_fly

    JLO is one hot mamacita!!

  • Ruby

    Who cares, I hate all this age appropriate shit. She looks fantastic! I bet heaps of women wished they looked like her even ones half her age.

  • vince4000

    She"s okay! Let her rock the night and the stylista of the red carpet

  • tahoegeminii

    give it a rest bias biddies-Anustain is wearing dresses this short and it's all-how hard can we lick "poor jen's" a-hole besides JLo-looks much better in them and is actually sexy-because she has kids you are criticizing? it should be a tribute Anustain has worshipped herself, refuses to have kids to save her body and obviously is obsessed with her skin-via that "skinporn" comment she made recently-wow Anustain sounds like a real thrill ride-I wonder just how many hours a day she spends looking at her skin and obsessing-and JLo still looks better

  • Tee Collins
    Tee Collins

    Age appropriate. You guys are funny. Why on earth would these people, or most of the public for that matter, care about what is "age appropriate"? These people can't even define or recognize appropriate behavior. What number husband is she on now? Let's not include sleeping around or getting pregnant, smoking, focusing on the outward, rather than the inward character. If these people really are the world's idols, as I know they are, it's no wonder we're in such a mess.

  • Jenny

    If you look great and can pull it off (as she clearly can), who cares what age she is? It's not like she's 80!! BTW, I don't see anything in this article mentioned about whether or not Steven Tyler's outfit is age appropriate. How old is the guy? 60+?! How many guys his age would wear THAT?!! (Which I think HE can pull off but again no one talks about his outfit....)

  • newyork1234

    NO WAY. That is so NOT age appropriate. She is not miley's age anymore!

  • Wes Ferguson
    Wes Ferguson

    You can wear whatever you want if you look this good.