Readers Respond: What Did You Think of Lindsay Lohan’s ‘SNL’ Performance?

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After six years, Lindsay Lohan returned to host Saturday Night Live stage this weekend and the starlet certainly didn’t hold anything back! From her jail time to her shoplifting trial, Lindsay laid her troubled past all on the line for a good laugh. Her famous friends and previous SNL hosts Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm were also on hand to add to her opening monologue.

Although Lindsay’s episode raked the most viewers compared to this season’s ratings, many fans have said that her performance fell flat of the comeback LiLo was hoping for. Do you agree? We took to our Facebook to see what you had to say on the matter!

Here are how some Celebuzz readers reacted to Lindsay’s SNL appearance:

Steve D. — Absolutely terrible. The only skit that hit its mark was the Real Housewives of Disney skit, and thats only because it was taped. All the live skits, her timing was off and she fumbled over her lines. I love Lindsay, but that was an awful show.

Catalina G. — The only skit I found funny was “The Real Housewives of Disney” But other then that. I think she fell flat she barely had any lines and was kinda awkward.

Cheryl K. — Everyone tried to carry her, but the weight was too heavy. Saturday Night Swan Song.

Cristina C. — I felt that she was very good! i went in expecting a train wreck and felt that she was funny and had no issue poking fun at herself!

Jorge A. — She did good, she just needs to go back to a red head, and haters will hate and that’s okay.

Deborah C. — The Real Housewives of Disney skit was funny!

Bradley C. — She was freakin awesome! Everyone needs to stop hating on her and start supporting her! She looks great and did an amazing job hosting!

Tamarind D. — She was too dependent on the cue cards.

Stefanie T. — It was ok but I was too distracted by her permanent duck lips. What the hell has she done to her face??

Do you agree with these comments? Check out clips and highlights from the show HERE, then continue to the debate in the comments below!