Report: Leaked Olivia Munn Nudes Are Fake

More Munn Bikini Fun
livia Munn’s hits the beach for a photo shoot.
The internet went a-buzzing today when several provocative photos of Olivia Munn surfaced online. The photos in question, some which included the actress sporting a pink bikini and black undergarments, were suspected to be private photos. However, sources say the nude photos that were posted online are definitely fake, reports TMZ.

According to the sources, the ones of Olivia clothed are legitimate, as some were previously posted on her Twitter, but the faceless nude photos included in the collection are not real.

Is this the doing of a sneaky sleuth? The word’s still out. 

For now, Olivia joins the numerous celebrities who have had their private photos posted online. From Scarlett Johansson to Vanessa Hudgens, check out starlets who have had their intimate photos leaked out in the gallery below!

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