What Did You Think of Lindsay Lohan on 'SNL'? (VIDEO)

Lilo on 'TODAY'
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Love it or hate it, Lindsay Lohan created quite the buzz with her hosting duties on Saturday Night Live last night. 

Starting out strong with her monologue that included Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon popping in and out, it's too soon to tell if the show helped or hurt Lilo's attempted comeback. However, the embattled actress didn't hold back in terms of poking fun at her troubled past. From her jail time to her shoplifting trial, Lindsay laid it all on the line for a good laugh.

Check out her opening monologue in the video above, then watch some of her best sketches from last night's episode below!

Scared Straight:

Real Housewives of Disney:

What did you think of the 25-year-old actress' SNL stint? Did she nail it or is this the nail in the coffin of her acting career? Cast your vote in the poll and review the show in the comments.  



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  • guest

    her face should be used as an anti-drug campaign for all teen girls. She was hot and now she's got the face of a 60 year old....crack is wack

  • Retired Mama
    Retired Mama

    You did an admiral job considering the writing was awful! The "scared" straight for the juveniles with the vulgar dialogue was ridiculous! Seems the whole thing except for the monologue was written to make LILO look I adequate. I'm not a fan at all of LILO but come on SNL your writers should be fired for these inept "skits"! I thought a 5th grader wrote them! Bad, bad and more bad. Yuck!!!

  • Catalina Gude
    Catalina Gude

    The only skit I found funny was "The Real Housewives of Disney" But other then that. I think she fell flat she barely had any lines and was kinda awkward. I feel bad for her and pulling for her to have her come back. and hope everyone can see how well she is doing and let her get back in the game.

  • Ella

    She clearly was reading off of cue cards quite a bit... for a comeback, she could have been a lot tighter and memorized her scripts better

  • LOL!

    "Live From New York, It's...It's....Can You Hold That Cue Card Up Higher? I Can't See My Next Line!"

  • justaguy

    I think that she did a great job hosting the show and she looked great! Welcome back Lindsay!!

  • Deborah Carroll Cooper
    Deborah Carroll Cooper

    The Real Housewives of Disney skit was funny! Good luck, Lindsay!