Because He’s Hot: Prince Harry Heats Up the Bahamas! (PHOTOS)

Double the Prince Harry hotness!

While helping promote the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (60 years on the throne), the 27-year-old royal has been visiting a number of places, with the latest being the beautiful Bahamas. During his time there, Harry suited up and received a (very well done!) portrait of himself. Is it weird if we think the portrait looks just as hot as he does in real life?!

So, where else has Prince Harry been?

He was seen over the weekend dancing with some people from Belize. Check out some photos of his arrival below.

For the next few days, he'll be traveling to Jamaica and Brazil. Sounds like he's having a ball!

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery!



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  • Linda Stubbs
    Linda Stubbs

    The exhibition on the queen's diamond jubilee was designed and erected by the mother and son duo of Linda and Owen Stubbs, powered by the government of the Bahamas. This duo began these large scale public exhibitions in Rawson and Parliament squares approximately two years ago and was delighted to be commissioned by the government to erect this one. All of the research was done by them also. "We Love the queen and were excited for the opportunity!"