Celebrity Mailbag: Shay Mitchell Dishes About Her Celeb Crush & More (VIDEO)

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell is the latest to join our latest & highly anticipated Celebrity Mailbag! 

In this mailbag series, Shay talks to Celebuzz about her new website where she shares fashion & beauty tips, things her mom has taught her and more! “This website for me is kind of like my little baby,” she says. “I have a lot of interests.”

Shay also spills which other “pretty little liar” she would play on the show, and of course, her dreamy celeb crush.

“I will actually say Ryan Gosling, very cute,” added Mitchell. Who can blame her? Ryan Gosling is adorable! 

And don’t miss the Buttah Benzo Show on Youtube where Shay and her best friend, Pretty Little Liars Ashley Benzo give their fans an inside look at the dynamic duo doing what girls do – having a ton of fun! 

Check out the video and stay tuned for parts two and three of our Shay Mitchell Celebrity Mailbag!