Kendra Wilkinson Loves Motherhood But Isn’t Ready for More Kids (EXCLUSIVE)

Kendra & Baby Hank
Kendra and her lil' man at the park!
Kendra Wilkinson is one sexy mama! Nearly two years after welcoming son Hank, the first-time mom revealed she’s doing better than ever and can’t believe how fast her little one is growing up.

“I can’t ask for a better life,” Kendra told Celebuzz at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City on Saturday night. “You can have diamonds and all the money in the world, but nothing compares to being a mother. It’s the happiest feeling ever. Money can’t buy the kind of love I have for him and my husband.”

So is she ready to have more kids?

“No. Not yet. I’m just enjoying having little Hank,” the reality star said, adding that he isn’t experiencing the “terrible twos” that everyone warned her about. “He has his moments, but doesn’t ever kid? … Hank is really starting to talk now and learning how to count. He’s so smart. He’s my little nerd,” she gushed.

Although she is not ready to expand her brood, Kendra, looking sexy in a dress by Backstage, insists she’s getting plenty of “practice” in the bedroom with her hubby, Hank Baskett. But with a child running around, the former Girls Next Door star says the two have become “more creative” and “spontaneous” to keep the romance alive, explaining: 

“We spent Valentine’s Day in the closest. Seriously! I was getting ready to go out on our date. I didn’t know what shoes I was going to wear. I was freaking out, so Hank sits down in the closest with me. We skipped dinner and went straight to the bedroom and had sex.”

Kendra is loving life, admitting she finally has everything that Hugh Hefner couldn’t give her.

“Life is different now,” she said, insisting that she doesn’t miss living in the Playboy mansion. “Straight up, I don’t miss it. I’ll always love Hef, but I don’t miss anything… I’m happy and finally have everything I ever wanted,” she said referring to being a wife and mother.