Snooki’s Ex Says ‘Vinny Could Be the Father’ of Her Baby

Snooki Pregnant?!
Does Snooks have a bun in the oven?
Snooki & Her Man
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In today’s way harsh news, Snooki’s ex Emilio Masella has some choice words for the pint-size reality starlet. He thinks the father of her unborn baby is anybody’s guess. 

“I would definitely recommend her to get a paternity test to see who the father is because I’m sure there are other subjects,” he tells TMZ. “Vinny could easily be the father.”

Sounds like somebody is still bitter about their breakup!

Even worse, he added, “I hope for her sake … not to be rude or anything … but I hope she has a miscarriage.” He contends that she’s not ready for a baby.

As for her supposed engagement to boyfriend (and alleged baby daddy) Jionni, he says she’s “going to have the baby and break up with him right after.”

UPDATE: Emilio now regrets his choice of words, saying, “What I meant by the statement was that I hope she doesn’t have the child. I just hope the test was wrong … I think she’s too young. I don’t think this kid is in it for her.”