Trend Spotting: Celebs Take a Style Risk Leap With Jumpsuits (PHOTOS)

Jumpsuits can certainly be a hit or miss on the red carpet depending on the cut, color and body type (though, that probably applies to all styles). Despite the risky style statement, this look has been hopping up on red carpets everywhere. 

From Bridesmaids stars Rose Byrne and Kristen Wiig's jumpsuit styles to Selena Gomez and Freida Pinto's working the onesies, a wide range of celebrities are trying on this trend for size. 

We're on the fence on this style, but it certainly attention-grabbing? What do you think of the look? Do you dig the jumpsuits or do you prefer a gown on the red carpet? Play celebrity stylist in the comments. 

What's another trend we're seeing in 2012! A quite conservative style: collared shirts and blouses. Check out this look below: 



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  • Deanna Thorsland Crowe
    Deanna Thorsland Crowe

    I think its funny that people would have a problem with this outfit...on a teenage girl, but have no problems with mothers dressing up their toddlers like hookers and parading THEM on stage...

  • Sam

    that's not a dress, look closely

  • Katie

    looks like her vagina is covered to me, nothing different than a leotard (which performers do wear)

  • kc

    What is it with little girls wanting to wear dresses that show off their vagina's? It's disgusting.