Miranda Kerr Shows Off Her Sexy Legs in New Iced Tea Commercial (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

What's the best way to sell a bottle of Lipton Limone iced tea? Hire supermodel Miranda Kerr!

Dressed in a skimpy yellow dress, Miranda plays the role of a singing waitress in the kooky Japanese commercial. But even though it lets her show off her vocal chops, all anyone can concentrate on in the commercial are Miranda's so-hot-they're-hot legs. Eat your heart out, Angelina Jolie!

What do you think of the commercial? Is Orlando Bloom the luckiest husband alive? Check out some screenshots in our gallery, then watch the full video below!



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  • Banisoft Web Hosting
    Banisoft Web Hosting

    Miranda will sure let people drink it. She has done a really good job in this Japanese commercial

  • Davenport

    Gosh, her and her hubby would be a perfect duo for a threesome