Leg Pop Showdown: Angelina Jolie vs. Miranda Kerr (POLL)


Angelina Jolie's leg pop at the 2012 Oscars was all everyone was talking about on Monday morning, and now, even supermodels are taking notice. Following Angie's right gam popping up on websites everywhere, Miranda Kerr popped out her leg for a Japanese commercial for Lipton's iced tea. 

Obviously, both women have flawless physiques, sexy stems included, but who reigns supreme: Angelina or Miranda? Cast your vote for the best right leg, and defend your decision in the comments. 

Angelina made quite a scene when she popped her leg out at the Oscars while wearing a gorgeous Atelier Versace gown. For a closer look, click the pics below: 

But Miranda showed a lot more leg for her commercial, and even threw in a song and dance. This is going to be a tough call!



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  • Edson Francisco Bonfim
    Edson Francisco Bonfim

    very good she beaultiful

  • Edson Francisco Bonfim
    Edson Francisco Bonfim

    precisa escrever ingles

  • Haters everywhere!
    Haters everywhere!

    There's just SO MANY HATERS out in this world! Really!!! Maybe have your photo published so the world can pick on you!!! Why do people LOVE to criticize!!! UGH No one PERSONALLY knows any of the celebrities yet they love to put them down! How about havig a conscience!

  • Ruby

    Miranda is HOT. Angelina is NOT. End of story.

  • Richard Maddalena Jr.
    Richard Maddalena Jr.

    Miranda is my Winner, Because @ least she's a little tan. Angelina is white as a ghost :P Sexy, BUT still :)

  • miranda kerr
    miranda kerr

    miranda kerr is the best because angelina jolie is a skeletal.and i like miranda more than i like jolie . ok this is my opinion but i think you have the same opinion . sorry for my bad english ...i'm from a far far away country

  • Anahita Shokrollahi
  • julie

    Edson, meu filho, é preciso escrever em inglês!

  • julie

    Angelina chiken legs are so skeletal even Miranda's, who is incredibly thin, are better!

  • Edson Francisco Bonfim
    Edson Francisco Bonfim


  • Kaity Tsaousoglou
    Kaity Tsaousoglou

    Angelina was just trying to hard. Looked so fake. And it dropped my opinion of her quite dramatically, hope to see a bit more grace next time instead of just popping that leg out. Miranda Kerr, that's just what you expect from her. It just looks better though as her outfit is not specifically designed for hanging that leg out everywhere.