Teens for Jeans Campaign Donates Over 1 Million!

Forever in Blue Jeans
See celebs rock their favorite pair of denim!
“Ask and you shall receive” appears to be the theme this year for the Teens for Jeans donation drive! 

Celebuzz is happy to report that as part of this year’s fifth annual Teens for Jeans campaign (in partnership with Aéropostale), teens nationwide collected over 1 million pairs of jeans that will be donated to homeless youth across the country.

Amazing! Below are some impressive stats from this year’s campaign:

• 1 in 3 American High Schools participated
• 1 pair of jeans were donated every 2 seconds
• If laid out end end-to-end, the jeans would stretch from New York City to Chicago
• If folded and stacked, the pile would rise 32 miles, or 6Xs the height of Mount Everest (or 137Xs higher than the Empire State Building)
• Most importantly: Over one million jeans will clothe 2 out of 3 homeless teens

Don’t worry if you missed out on the call to action! You can still get involved. Go to the Teens for Jeans website to find out more.