Tina Fey Dropped Out of Lindsay Lohan’s ‘SNL’ Episode

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As Lindsay Lohan made her Saturday Night Live comeback this past weekend, there was one supporter noticeably missing: Tina Fey. The comedian, who cast LiLo in her 2004 movie Mean Girls, was scheduled to appear on the show but dropped out at the last minute.

“Tina was committed to doing the monologue with Lindsay but both of her children got sick,” Fey’s spokeswoman told NY Daily News. “She was unable to participate as planned.”

Lindsay’s performance got mixed reviews. She started out strong with her monologue. The show even garnered special appearances from Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon, but it’s too soon to tell if the show helped or hurt Lilo’s attempted comeback.

Celebuzz readers were torn about her performance. One fan commented, “The only skit I found funny was The Real Housewives of Disney but other then that, I think she fell flat. She barely had any lines and was kinda awkward.” While another fan raved about the actress, saying, “She was freakin awesome! Everyone needs to stop hating on her and start supporting her! She looks great and did an amazing job hosting!”

Watch Lindsay’s Housewives sketch below and tell us what you thought of her SNL performance.