Amy Poehler Reacts to Obama’s ‘Parks & Rec’ Shout Out & Possible Cameo (EXCLUSIVE)

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Amy Poehler's son hams it up.
We all know that Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope dreams of making it to the White House, but will President Barack Obama himself be making his way to the beloved NBC comedy?

Celebuzz caught up with Amy during Paleyfest at Beverly Hills’ Saban Theater on Tuesday night, and chatted with her not only about the president’s recent Parks & Rec shoutout, but all those Tumblr-loving P&R fans out there.

So, what did the hilarious actress have to say when we asked her about an Obama cameo?

“Well his daughter Malia I guess is a big fan. We’ll just have to ask Aziz [Ansari], he has all the hookups.”

Besides her fans in D.C., Amy is also thrilled about all the different Parks & Rec related Tumblrs that have emerged, and when we mentioned one dedicated to Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) in a Letter to Cleo shirt, Amy said, “Oh my god. Tumblr must love Ben Wyatt. I get it Tumblr.”

But that wouldn’t be the only P&R dedicated site out there! From Tom HaverfoodsPark-Z and Kanye-actionClear Eyes, Full Parks, Can’t Lose and another number of viral websites, we got Amy’s thoughts on the most impressive ones she has seen:

“I get a little nervous about looking at stuff on the Internet, so I have people send me good things, because you can always stumble across things that you don’t want to see. Although am I wrong at thinking Tumblr is mostly positive? I bet there’s an I hate Amy Poehler Tumblr out there. [Laughs].”


“But there’s been times where people have sent videos that they made, like montages of our scenes to music.”

And as for Amy’s thoughts on animated GIFs? “That’s how you say it!” Glad we could clear things up!

Make sure to tune into Parks & Rec on NBC when it airs Thursday nights!