Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Debby Ryan Anything!

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Debbie Ryan at the Los Angeles premiere of
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She's the star of Disney's Jessie, now Debby Ryan has teamed up with Celebuzz to answer YOUR questions in our Celebrity Mailbag series!

When Celebuzz visited the set of her hit Disney show, Debby said she and her character share many similarities: "I have a lot of my phrases on the show. I’m not the kind of person who says you can’t have imaginary friends or any fun in general. I totally foster that, and I think Jessie fosters that as well. There’s a lot of my own personality in her."

Want to know about her IRL? Ask any question you want and she'll choose her favorites to answer right here! 

All you have to do to get in on the action is go to Facebook and ‘Like’ our Celebuzz page. Then sign in with Facebook and leave your questions in the comments!

It’s that easy! So get your questions ready and get commenting!

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  • ndilimeke19

    what is the most unforgetable moment in ur life?

  • louis

    debby .i saw you in 16 wishs and your sweeter than honey and chocolate

  • Jose De Luna
    Jose De Luna

    What has been the worse situation you have ever been in?

  • William Brisson
    William Brisson

    Is there new songs coming out soon !? If yes, what are they when will they comes out !? Because I really think you're a great singer and your music is AWESOME !!! :D (sorry for my bad English, I am French...)

  • Natasha Todd
    Natasha Todd

    I love your Auburn Hair color, (So much more awesome than the blonde btw!) Would you ever dye it full on red? I would love to see that, I think it would look imense!

  • Shahjehan Khan
    Shahjehan Khan

    Debby: Who makes you laugh?

  • Felipe Fontes Kai
    Felipe Fontes Kai

    Hi Debby Ryan! I was wondering if you like anime, if so, what is your favorite anime?

  • debbyryanfan67

    Which character did/do you like portraying the most? Bailey or Jessie?

  • Marko Paunovic
    Marko Paunovic

    Do you play games and which game you're playing most?

  • Michael Ruiz
    Michael Ruiz

    Do you like or play any sports, and which one is your favorite?

  • Michael Ruiz
    Michael Ruiz

    What instruments do you know how to play, and which one is your favorite?

  • Arvin

    What do you do when summer vacation has started? what activities do you do? hobbies? please share! thanks!

  • berwin

    did you like either of the Sprous twins when working with them?

  • Alex Mullany
    Alex Mullany

    I would like to say that I applaud your work on the Suite Life and now on Jessie. Two different shows but both hit their target markets. My question is, Do you like having a show of your own with Jessie, or do you like the Suite Life's style of having multiple lead characters making the show's image what it is?

  • maddrummer1986

    big fan of your show Jessie and a crush, but I'm big in to music and play the drums but trying to write songs how do come up with them

  • Lee Trangmar
    Lee Trangmar

    Who is your biggest inspiration? Also how did you go about pursuing your dreams and becoming a singer/songwritter and an actress? Did you have to overcome any obstacles? if so how did you get over them?

  • Aurora Ilovejesus Ross
    Aurora Ilovejesus Ross

    What are some of the exciting experiences you've had with having your own show?

  • Anna Nash
    Anna Nash

    What is your most embarrassing moment on set? Like forgetting line or..?

  • Mary

    How do you get over negative press and not let it play with your emotions? If you could take on a different identity and have a week to yourself in a place where no one knew you, would you do it?

  • Anna

    What's the most embarrassing thing you have ever did on set? Like mess up your lines? Or?

  • Peter Wissink
    Peter Wissink

    I watched the videos of you telling friends and relatives about getting cast as "Bailey" on the Suite Life... How have you changed since then?

  • Frank Salinas
    Frank Salinas

    what is your favorite place to visit

  • Veepu Eco
    Veepu Eco

    If you could be any artist (except you) for a day, who it would be and why? (A beauty queen question for sure...)

  • HeyJessie

    What do you have in common with Jessie? :)

  • Remy

    Who is your favourite disney princess?

  • Chris Ronaldo
    Chris Ronaldo

    do you like video games.....if yes which ones do you play??

  • crissweet

    if cole and dyan sprouse will continue their show, the suite life on deck , would you play again in it ?? :) and ..It will continue ??:x I hope so..

  • Ana Maria Torres
    Ana Maria Torres

    debby ryan is a very goob actress and more funny

  • Zed Thron
    Zed Thron

    when something bad in life comes your way how do you deal with it?

  • Randyll

    Do you ever wish you got the full high school experience?(: <3

  • Randyll

    What is your fav book by Shakespeare&why?love you(:

  • Rebecca Blomberg
    Rebecca Blomberg

    What is your personal style? What kind of fashon do you like? And do you have any favorite shirt or something like that? (:

  • Alessandra Marie Sama
    Alessandra Marie Sama

    What embarrasses you and your character Jessie?

  • Angela Ticao
    Angela Ticao

    What inspired you to become an actress? Were there people or things that hinder from becoming like one? How did you managed to pursue your dream?