Celebrity Mailbag: Shay Mitchell Dishes on Steamy Scenes (VIDEO)

Pretty Little Shoot
'Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale & Ashley Benson pose for Bongo.
Pretty Little Liars’ star Shay Mitchell is back for another installment of Celebrity Mailbag! Shay teamed up with Celebuzz to answer your fan questions, now we’re bringing you the responses — this time with some helpful beauty tips and inside info on what a typical day in Shay’s life is like!

In this mailbag series, she lets us know what places she would love to travel to, her favorite Disney princess and if it was awkward shooting some steamy scenes with costar Bianca!

“It was very very sweet, and it was completely natural.”

Shay also tells about where she would love to one day live!

“I want to live in Italy, that’s where I see myself. In a nice villa and wherever in Italy, I don’t care. I just love it there!”

For more inside scoop on Shay’s life and advice for hopeful actresses, watch the video!