Hilary Duff Has a Hairy Pregnancy Problem (VIDEO)

Duff's Holiday Errand
Pregnant Hilary does some shopping.
Hilary's Baby Bump
Duff is definitely showing at the park.
Hilary Duff clearly has a great sense of humor. The 24-year-old mom-to-be spoke about some of the unglamorous side effects of pregnancy – like unwanted hair – in this new video for Funny or Die, in which she addresses her hairy pregnancy problem in a faux infomercial, saying:

“After I got pregnant, my hormones caused so much hair growth that I felt like a yeti. Or Robin Williams.”

Hil jokes in the video that she solved her hair problem with a product called NoGrowActiv. Watch the video and tell us what you think.

Back in February, Hil tweeted that she was working on an upcoming video for Funny or Die. “Sooo excited heading to shoot my @funnyordie video today!! Been wanting to do one of these for a while! Wish me funny today! Xx” she wrote.

Hil is expecting her first child with hubby Mike Comrie, and is due to give birth sometime this month.

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