Jonah Hill Pals Around With Bill Hader In ‘SNL’ Promo (VIDEO)

Jonah Hill Facts
Ten things you don't know about the Oscar nominee.
Oscar nominee Jonah Hill returns to Saturday Night Live this week to host and promote his latest film 21 Jump Street.

The funnyman jokes around with SNL cast member Bill Hader in a promo for this week’s episode, which including some funny voice routines and subtle jokes. Though it doesn’t give too much away for the weekend, the promo gives us just enough that we can’t wait to watch Jonah host for the second time around!

The Moneyball actor never ceases to entertain when he takes the stage at Rockefeller Center. Jonah’s appearance also comes just one week after the very highly anticipated Lindsay Lohan hosting gig, which aired to mostly disappointing reviews.

Jonah’s new film 21 Jump street hits theaters next Friday (March 16). He costars with The Vow’s Channing Tatum.

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