Obama Wanted On ‘Parks & Rec’ Set! Show Runners Talk Possible Part (EXCLUSIVE)

Amy On Obama Cameo
Will the President be on 'Parks & Rec'?!
Tuesday night, Amy Poehler chatted with Celebuzz a bit about a possible President Barack Obama cameo on Parks and Recreation, but now the men behind the camera are opening up too.

We caught up with executive producer/writer Dan Goor and producer/director Dean Holland during Paleyfest at Beverly Hills’ Saban Theater on Tuesday night, and when we asked them about Obama possibly doing a cameo (since his daughter Malia is such a big fan), they revealed that they already had a role in mind for the Commander-in-Chief.

“If [Obama] wants to be the mayor, we will cast him as the mayor. But he has to work around our schedule,” Goor joked. He added, “That was insanely cool. It was great. Any time we hear someone likes the show, it warms our heart. I mean we really try to make this show for the fans, and the fan response has been great. So to hear someone from the first family is a fan, it’s great.”

We also chatted with Parks & Rec actor Chris Pratt, who plays the loveably goofy Andy Dwyer, and he opened up a bit about how his usually complacent TV wife (Aubrey Plaza) showed some initiative in a recent episode by completing an assigned task. Does this mean more (gasp!) responsibilities for April?

“One thing that’s really nice about our writers is that when there’s a slight adjustment in the character where they learn a lesson or they change a little bit, they sort of set that in the ether as a rule they’re not going to break. So if they’re saying she is going to take on more responsibility, she will, and if she doesn’t, there will be consequences. They’re really setting up a true arc in this sort of ‘real world,’ even though it’s not real. It’s real to us and to our fans, they root it all in this reality, so yes, I think she’ll be taking on more responsibility.”

We also asked Parks & Rec star Retta (who plays sass-master Donna) her thoughts on the Obama’s shout out to the Parks Department:

“He gave Aziz [Ansari] a shout out. [Laughs]. It was pretty funny that he was calling out Aziz, saying he had more Twitter followers. I was like, really? We know you’re the man!”

Looks like Aziz needs to make this presidential cameo happen!

What do you guys think? Should Obama make a trip to Pawnee? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to tune into Parks & Rec Thursdays on NBC!