Source: Snooki's Pregnancy Will 'Change the Direction' of Spin Off Show (EXCLUSIVE)

Snooki's Pregnant!
Snooki confirms she is expecting a baby and is engaged! Read More »

After Snooki's not so shocking reveal Wednesday that she is indeed pregnant and engaged, Jersey Shore fans have been wondering where that leaves the spinoff show Nicole is currently filming with BFF JWoww

"It certainly has changed the direction of the show," a production insider reveals to Celebuzz. "Not in a bad way, just a different way."

"Nicole is so happy, but she's exhausted," adds our source. "So shooting has been a little tough."

Even though Snooki certainly has had a whirlwind past few months, don't think Jenni "JWoww" Farley is upset by her costars attention and the "new direction" filming is going.

"Jenni couldn't be happier for her," says our source. "She really does think Nicole will be a great mom."

Hey--we can't wait to see what's in store for Snooki and JWoww's spinoff! Pregnant or not, it's safe to say the season will not be dull.



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  • Jello

    Snooki looks so 'duhhh' in that first pic. These people are so trashy!!

  • Kas

    Oh my god, you're right!! Jwoww looks messed up now!

  • TRUE

    Hannah, I was thinking the same thing. Most times these 'celebrities' change their natural looks and end up looking A LOT worse!


    We have a situation :D

  • Katie

    Well Dah. We don't need a producer to tell us that this pregnancy will throw a spanner into the works.

  • Hannah Nothard
    Hannah Nothard

    why is jwow getting more work done she looked boeautiful from the beginning

  • mileyismylife

    aww ! i'm glad she's pregnant :) she and Jionni are too cute together. they're gonna have a little baby meatball or juicehead haha !