Can You Guess the Kardashians? (PHOTO)


Which Kardashian sister just posted the above photo on her blog?

Donning matching nightgowns and pigtails, can you guess which two girls are smiling up above?

It's Kim and Kourtney! Kim just posted the picture on her blog with this caption:

Throwback Thursday…me & Kourtney!
Adorable! Check out more pics of Kim from her Instagram:



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  • Natalie Dash
    Natalie Dash

    Cute xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sierra

    Kourtney is not a hooker.. how rude of you to judge.. grow up.

  • Julie

    awww how sweet. and now they are hookers. Sad.

  • jessica

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  • ada

    ... and you made a sex tape.

  • Nicole

    lame ppl above me, trying to be a sloppy Kardashian, lmao at desperate little girls! ha!

  • Kristina Ensminger Bottcher
    Kristina Ensminger Bottcher

    I agree with Deanna cause Kim is on the left and Kourt is on the right.

  • Deanna

    kim pink bow, kourt white bows.

  • Kassy

    What's the point of guessing, if your just gonna give us the answer?