Celebuzz Celebrates Single and Stylish Celebs! (PHOTOS)

Think you're the only one spending Friday and Saturday nights alone? Never fear, Celebuzz brings you some heavy hitting females in Hollywood who are owning their single status this year!

It's truly the best time to be single and fabulous in 2012 as ladies such as Cameron Diaz and Taylor Swift prove this point tremendously as they grace our Single and Stylish gallery. Work it, ladies!

Celebs like Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry are one of the newest celebs to venture out into single-land coming out of recent marriages while celebs like Kelly Clarkson have been very public about their past dating tribulations.

Marriage and "till death due us part" are phrases that these females have put on the back burner for the time being and they are looking ever so amazing while doing so!

Who can forget our notorious bachelors? Check out Celebuzz's gallery on the Hollywood's "Eternal Bachelors"

Let us know your thoughts on these celebs and their single lifestyles. Also check out our Celebuzz Facebook Page for the latest news on the single life for these celebs! 


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  • Shailu

    BF mama here and I'm also alil shy sometimes even in front of my flmaiy so ill cover up or find a private place. It's hard to be discrete with these 42E's. But sometimes you can forget a cover/blanket and I personal hate public restrooms and I will not feed my child there and with my impatient eater I must feed him then or he'll throw a crying fit. So if I must I will nurse in public uncovered end of story. Before formula how do you think babies got fed. It's natural, and I find surprising how BF is offensive but not equally revealing clothing isn't. Ppl need to get their priorities straight for real.