Demi Moore On the Mend: 'Back At Home - In A Better Place'

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After taking some time to heal herself, Demi Moore is back at home and getting it together.

"Demi is in a much better place," a source tells People. "She has been working on herself a lot."

After reportedly seeking treatment at Utah’s Cirque Lodge the actress went on vacation to the Caribbean, where she was able to relax and find that better place. The source adds that "she is content," now that she's back.

During her rehab stay, estranged husband Ashton Kutcher supposedly visited Demi, but according to a source for People “they are not getting back together.”

Allegedly, Ashton has moved on with screenwriter Lorene Scafaria, who was with Ashton over the holidays, and the two appeared to be very affectionate during a recent outing. The actor only went to visit the Demi in Utah was because “he knew it was important to her daughters,” says the source.



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  • Beverly DiPerna
    Beverly DiPerna

    Sleeping with a man half your age is not her fountain of youth. She is beautiful but when you look into those eyes there is a high level of insecurity. She needs to go up, realize her insecurities and move on with men her own age...

  • Darwin

    I have had a crush on her for 40 years. She has always been a beauty standard for us.

  • amsterdam88

    She looks terrible!

  • jason foley
    jason foley


  • jessica

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  • Flora

    I always admired Demi for overcoming the problems of her past and becoming the strong, smart, sexy, intelligent business savvy woman that she had become. Sending prayers for her to get well & stronger again. Thank you for your contribution to making others happy and entertained.