Fashion Flyby! Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Head Out of Paris (PHOTOS)

Robsten at Oscars Bash
Rob & Kristen pack on the PDA at private party Read More »

After a romantic rendezvous during Paris Fashion Week, Robert Pattinson was spotted with his on and off screen leading lady Kristen Stewart at the Roissy Airport in Paris on Thursday.

Not even cracking a smile for cameras, the couple shuffled through the airport wearing strikingly similar styles. KStew was in her trademark leather jacked, white t-shirt and greased back hair, while RPattz wore a baseball cap, black jacket and jeans. Both shielded their eyes with dark sunglasses. 

Though Kristen was looking a little worn at the airport, she's was looking quite chic during Fashion Week. On Wednesday night, she stepped out solo and showing a lotta leg!

But prior to that, she showed up to a show in an ensemble we love! Check out the leather look below: 



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  • Michel

    I hope the film contains the cooinrsatven Edward and Bella has at the end of New Moon (Edward somewhat explains himself). My fear is that we will see the break up scene the race to and fro Volterra and that will be all I didn\'t cry (but I did fastforward to the end to see if what happened before going back and re-reading the whole story). LOL

  • mary

    she looks dead

  • BlackCat

    these 2 are on top of the world - can't they smile???

  • mili

    hay los amo !! kristen me encanta como te vestis robert te amo!!

  • mileyismylife

    they're such babes together.

  • edwardbella2


  • Mayra Lara
    Mayra Lara

    Swagger these two actors have. Ones talent has anothers potential they click these two just click as a couple and talented actors.

  • katsays

    Why did they block out that woman's face? That's kinda weird.

  • katsays

    I've never thought Robert Pattinson looked good, but he especially looks unattractive here with the beard. Kristen looks like she always does, plain, but she has made plain look gorgeous.

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    so beautiful together!!!!!!!!!

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    I agree!

  • Lynn

    Maybe they had tough week. It seems they were everywhere in Paris. Maybe they were just tired and people should leave them alone!

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    They are both stony faced here as they don't want to "do anything" knowing the papz are right there shooting away!

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    What? Are you personal friends and have spent time with them? Could you point yourself out in those pictures? If you are forming a rather strong and offensive picture of KS, then at least have the dignity to only say things that you have personal knowledge about. Unless you know them and are privy to their conversations and decisions, you have no right to make those kinds of statements about her. Pretty shameful.

  • shayna.lane

    I'm sad for them I bet they wished they could just stay in paris forever :( and to the writer of this article can you please check your facts before posting all you had to do was read the other artcle on this site to know she wasn't alone rob was with her the other night elloooo. I want Taryn she knows her facts

  • shayna.lane

    Last I checked rob made millions so I don't think he's a kept man just a normal boyfriend spending time with the women he loves because he finally doesn't have an project going on at the moment I find it sweet, but hey maybe you prefer snobbish a*holes over sweet guys thats your issue

  • JamesD.

    LMAO at how Jealous you sound.

  • JamesD.

    Im sure Rob has enough money he doesnt have to make payments on that house..he probably paid for it outright far as being Mr.Stewart..sounds like a good option to me...jealous much?

  • Teri

    Her hairs not greasy..thats the writers words..nor is she worn looking..such BS.

  • MSA

    Hate the way Kristen always ignores Rob in public unless they are on the red carpet. He ends up following her around like a lap dog.

  • 123sudway

    I adore these....adorable couple! I’m so glad they enjoy each other company the past few days in Paris - Like being together… together… doing things their way instead of following any rules of others think or say they should be!! BRAVO… Rob & Kirsten!!

  • miral

    they are for who they are....leave them alone people with those nasty comments! they look adorable together.

  • trish22

    I wasn't commenting on "the Stew". I was making fun of the line written in the story. If they meant to make her look good, that's a pretty stupid thing to say, no matter who the actress is.

  • Pam

    OMG how did Rob dare to support his girlfriend with her working projects? That must be horrible and offensive in your cynic world,hater! Rob is supporting his girlfriend and your stupid excuses are senseless. You said that now that Kristen was Balenciaga's new face,Rob would leave her. He didn't leave her,he's supporting her,so your next stupid excuse is that his career is over. What will you say when we'll see Rob in his next project?

  • Sonya

    I think they are a wonderful couple.

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart

    awwww..... look at Mr Stewart enjoying his new -and only- job as Kristen Stewart latest entourage addition! Well, since his career is pretty much over, it's nice that Mr Stewart is finally getting a new job! Those house payments need to get payed somehow, right Mr Stewart?

  • katia

    Yeah, sorry, Kristen was NOT alone at Louis Vuitton Party, she was with Rob. Better do a little more research next time.

  • pat

    omg can't rob find a hat that fits him hahaha

  • Lola

    Trish, you fixate a lot on the Stew. I think you need a hug.

  • Arrin Evans
    Arrin Evans

    they r the cutest couple!!! in the movie and in real life!!!! love them!!!

  • trish22

    Is "greased back hair" for girls fashionable these days?

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    I think Rob is in the same clothes as he was for the show.

  • Cara

    Yeah Rob was with her at the LV-Marc Jacobs show. In fact, your own reporter Taryn even had an article yesterday about it. It just goes to show that the writer don't even read the articles in their own site or he is lazy to check his facts. tsk tsk...

  • Charlotte

    You dont even have your fact straight...RPattz was with her at the LV evening yesterday. She was not alone.