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  • Wholes

    I totally agree with you on the romacne. I was sitting on the fence because I didn't think she loved either one during the series. I favored Gale just because I have a thing for dark-haired guys. I did, though, love how the book ended. It was the write choice for her. And I disagree with AtenRa. She did make a choice of which guy she ended up with. She could have picked some other guy in the end. But when she did make the choice, it was the right one because she was now in love with him. It took time, yes. But this way he wasn't a prize (or some consolation prize).

  • Jara Gabrielle
    Jara Gabrielle

    I love Katniss because she is strong and caring! Liked on FB as Jara Gabrielle Following on twitter as accessintel

  • Jeanne Fairbanks Conner
    Jeanne Fairbanks Conner

    Katness,,, so sweet

  • Olivia Lawson
    Olivia Lawson

    One of my favorite charaters is Effie because of her amazing fashionista style!

  • ThiaS

    One of my favorite characters is actually Rue. She may be only in the 1st book, but I personally think she had a great impact on Katniss. Rue had such an innocent personality that we, the readers, knew wasn't truly meant for the Hunger Games. It also hurt to know Rue's death was going to happen, because there could only be one winner (even though that changes later), and the winner would have to be Katniss. Also, Rue's death is probably one of the most emotional and moving scenes of the whole entire series. Like the saying, "only the good die young", Rue was considered the "good".

  • Hanna Williams
    Hanna Williams

    KATNISS OBVIOUSLY! Katniss is such an amazing character. While she can be stubborn and sometimes oblivious, she is caring, strong, and cunning. Having the books from her perspective really made the story interesting.

  • Kristi Saylor
    Kristi Saylor

    I would say that Katniss Everdeen is my favorite character, especially in the first book. I loved seeing things from her perspective. She was young but strong, physically and sometimes emotionally. And I was always on the edge of my seat, wondering what she was going to do next during the 74th Games. There are a few other characters I grew to love in the later books, but at the beginning...I was really rooting for Katniss. :)

  • Bonnie Wells
    Bonnie Wells

    It's extremely hard to pick a favorite, because so many characters have such fantastic qualities, but overall, my pick is Cinna! He lives in the Capitol, yet is nothing like the typical Capitol citizen. He truly cares about Katniss, and I love that. The bond they form is beautiful. He puts so much thought into his designs, and he always thinks of others before himself. And he gave his life for the rebellion, without using any means of violence. Cinna is truly selfless, and that is why he is my favorite character.

  • Krystle Smith
    Krystle Smith

    Katniss because she's a strong female heroine!

  • fallingstars3

    I love foxface. She's clever and I like how she doesn't kill in the whole book. She died a tragic death, but I believe it was suicide.

  • luvoftigers

    Katniss is the woman! Without her the story would not be the same!

  • Theresa

    I cant believe I am going to say this buy Haymitch is one of my favorites. Everyone looks at him like a wore out old drunk when really that is the only was to hide the pain from his hunger games and in the end he really came through for petta gail and katness. He helped them live when he didnt want to live himself. Then, there is poor little prim that only wanted to help others. Poor sweetie! To volunteer her life and pretty much just give it away just like her sister had done for her is sweet! Where Haymitch seemed selfish in the fact of his drinking, you have to think... wow they both gave more of thereselves then you could even imagine.

  • Shenna Pinkett
    Shenna Pinkett

    My fave character is def, Effie. Effie and I are quite alike in that I love to keep people on time, and I appreciate good manners. Not to mention, the woman has a great sense of style. I love her colorful wigs, and painted skin. The way she takes pride in the way she looks and acts is most admirable.

  • Ariella Singer
    Ariella Singer

    Prim! or Rue! Those girls pull at your heartstrings!

  • lauracatherine

    Definitely Katniss. Although she's just a book character, the things she's had to go through her entire life, and still come out on top of everything and continue to strive selflessly for her family, to me is inspirational. Even though she's just a character, it's something to look up to.

  • Meghan Subic
    Meghan Subic

    This is a really tough decision, everyone in this book has such a strong personalities and i just love that about them. I would probably have to go with katniss though! I lovelovelove peeta but i truly think i could relate to katniss the most. Katniss is stong, she symbolyzes the power of women and the love of her family. She is brave and smart. She is very strong-willed and shes such a bad ass! She is just overall amazing and everyday i think "what would katniss do" :)

  • danielasm94

    My fave character for sure is Katniss cause she seems very tough and like no one will do anything to her but as we keep reading we notice that she is just as vulnerable as any other normal girl, and I also love how she cares a lot for Prim and her mother and also Gale and his family, she is not an egoist person and even in the games she also cares about Rue and Peeta and also the other ones cause she really don't want to kill nobody but she has to so she can return home with Prim and her mom and that's why I love her :)

  • rachelreyes

    Peeta because he's strong-willed and stands behind what he believes in.

  • Molly Deats
    Molly Deats

    I think I would have to say Katniss. She's strong and courageous. She was willing to risk her own life to save her sisters. She is an inspiration to all females.

  • Tiggy Simon
    Tiggy Simon

    Peeta, of course! Because although he is somewhat shy at first he is never a coward. He is caring and genuine and always so filled with hope/love even when it is hope for others rather than himself. And most importantly Peeta will always stay true to himself and never forget who he is and where he came from. :)

  • Lena Marsteller
    Lena Marsteller

    Katniss is my favorite character!! She is so smart and brave!

  • sparksflyy8

    I love Peeta so much, but in honor of International Women's Day, I'll choose Katniss. She epitomizes female empowerment, being in charge of her own life and destiny. She doesn't let anything faze her from what she wants. She is strong-willed and my inspiration for being brave. She reminds me of myself, being socially awkward ;) haha

  • hungergamesfan101

    Katniss and Peeta tied...Katniss is so unique and strong and well,I just love everything about her. Peeta is sweet and pretty much every THG fangirl's dream guy haha. But I also really like Gale...

  • Carla Da Silva
    Carla Da Silva

    Hard Decision!Almost impossible.... but if i HAD to pick it would probably be... Peeta and Katniss !! Peeta is caring and sweet and still VERY shy! ( Like your favourite teddy when you were little ) He would find the best in the worst times and positions! He makes you feel... special, his love for Katniss leaves me ..... speechless. The things he would do to keep her safe. How much he would suffer. Soo Romantic.He is IMPOSSIBLE not to fall in love with. As for Katniss i really love how she would risk her life to save her sister. Was forced to grow at only 11.She is protective and tries her best to keep her pain bottled up inside her so her sister and chance at life is not affected. She is brave and deep down -to me anyway- she NEEDS peeta! Together their hope will keep them going!!! Sorry i got a little carried away. Made almost a speech! What can i say The Hunger Games gets me EXCITED !

  • danielleakame

    Katniss Everdeen- because she is hard core and takes care of her family when needed

  • babylise

    My favourite character is Katniss because she is the inly character the reader understands because the book is from her point of view. I agree with all her tactics and choices in the book and she is the perfect role model...x

  • angiepange

    Peeta. He's kind and caring when everything is so dark. It's strange how someone can be like that when the world around them is so corrupt, like hope in some ways. I dunno, he has that ability to see something good in everything that none of the other characters really do (except Delly!) but he doesn't cloud that with his take on real life. Sorry if none of that made much sense, I get a bit carried away...

  • Cassie

    My favorite character is Rue because she is so sweet and she looks at the best in things and always keeps fighting! :)

  • outlaw4728

    My favorite character, (not to be cliche) is Katness. She is the ultimate woman badass!

  • Taylor

    My favorite character is Peeta Mellark. Peeta's my favorite because he is so sweet, and caring, he would do anything from letting katniss die.

  • Diane Bassette
    Diane Bassette

    I never seen the movie or read the book , I'm trying to win this for my daughter who is mad about the Hunger Games!!!