Readers Respond: Is Rihanna’s Image Too Sexy?

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From tweeting out a topless photo to writhing around in bed for a lingerie ad, Rihanna has definitely got people to “talk that talk” about her super sexy image this week! On Thursday, the internet was buzzing when the 24-year-old snapped a photo of herself topless (with her hands strategically placed, of course) for her Twitter followers. Later that day, RiRi debuted her new ad for Armani Jeans in which the scantily-clad songstress is seen rolling around in bed.

Since Rihanna have been baring her curves online for all to see, many are outraged at her recent risque behavior and the effect that it may have on young fans. What do you think of RiRi’s image? We took it to our Facebook to see what our readers have to say on the matter!

Aly S. — She’s all about sex and vulgarity! Not a respectable artist.

Margaret B. — She’s just lookin for attention per usual.

Elnaz J. — Trashy Trashy Trashy!!!! Hate her!!

Paris M. — i like her so much……but i think sometimes she goes far away….she is all about sex and drugs and thats bad influence

Amanda L. — shes trashy!

On the other hand, some of you thought that there’s nothing wrong with RiRi flashing a bit of skin!

Doreen S. – If you got it flaunt it. Good for her!

Tara M. — So what she’s got a nice body .. Wants to show it off .. If no one likes it then don’t look

Crystal C. — Rihanna you da BOSS! Luv ya! Xo

Sandra P. — If you got it flaunt it i say she’s beautiful!!!

However, Rihanna’s exhibitionist ways have gotten her in trouble in the past! When filming her “We Found Love” music video in Ireland last year, the singer was told to cover up by a farmer when he spotted her running around topless in his field.

Do you think Rihanna’s sexy image is a little too much, or are you totally digging RiRi’s risque looks? Continue the debate in the comments below!

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