Should Snooki Ditch Her Hard Partying 'Jersey Shore' Friends? Expert Answers!

This week's big pregnancy news has many couch critics asking if Snooki is ready to be a mom. Celebuzz turned to psychotherapist (and Author of The Breakup Bible), Rachel A. Sussman, who candidly admits "many 24-year-olds are not quite ready to undertake the responsibility of motherhood. That being the case, if Snooki has decided to have a child, she needs to do all she can to prepare for its arrival. It’s never too late to grow up and change your ways."

The first thing that has to go? Quite possibly her Jersey Shore cast mates!

"AA suggests that in order to stay sober, you must stay away from people, places, or things that may tempt you to drink" Rachel says. "In order for Snooki to stay sober for her pregnancy, she needs to surround herself with many positive influences -- friends, family, and professionals who don’t drink or party."

She adds, "I can only hope that this pregnancy will drive her to get her act together. Being pregnant, giving birth, and raising a child is a huge job. It's important that she understand this and starts putting steps in place today to get her firmly on the right path. "

Although it may be tempting to slide back into her role as a pint-size party girl, Rachel insists, "If you are making an adult decision to have a child, you need to behave like an adult!"



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  • Erica Le Mar
    Erica Le Mar

    I gotta say, the girl is smart! She is dressing herself all the way to the bank. I must say growing up within the 5 boroughs is definetly a different "style and lifestyle" from the rest of the world, especially if you grew up in an Italian environment. To the rest of the world it may seem odd and gaudy, but to me it isn't a big deal. I'm used to seeing it, although that is not particularly my sense of style.

  • Erica Le Mar
    Erica Le Mar

    The 80's are officially back!

  • courtneybaaaby

    love you snooks

  • jessica

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