Celebrity Mailbag: Cobra Starship Dishes On Dangerous Fan Moments (VIDEO)

Celebuzz brings you none other than a new Celebrity Mailbag video, of course. In this series, we spoke to pop sensation Cobra Starship. Lead singer Gabe Saporta and guitarist Ryland Blackinton were very cute and candid as they answered questions about their fans and family’s support during their rise to fame.

Blackinton even revealed that one fan even put their life in danger just to catch a glimpse of the band on a recent tour!

“In Sydney, a girl scaled two floors, climbed up two stories to get into the back entrance of our dressing room at a show. She put herself in danger…to see us sweating.”

Thankfully, all went well for the fan as she got to meet the Cobra Starship boys backstage.

The fellas also talked about how Justin Timberlake has been one of the band’s biggest influences and how they would love to collaborate with the Justified pop star sometime. Watch the video above to see the boys give JT a shout out!

Check out Cobra Starship’s “You Make Feel” single:

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