Demi Lovato & Logan Henderson Dating?

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Demi Lovato may have a new love in her life. According to Hollywood Life, the 19-year-old singer was spotted in a lip lock with Big Time Rush’s Logan Henderson, 22, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York City.

“I saw Demi and Logan kissing at the Ritz Carlton Hotel,” their source claims.

Both were spotted together earlier in the evening at the premiere for the Nickelodeon original TV movie, Big Time Movie (starring Big Time Rush). They sat next to one another, looking cozy as they posed for pictures inside.

Although, Demi and Logan are good friends and have known each other for some time.

Do you think they're taking their friendship to the next level?  Do you approve of Demi and Logan dating? Tell us in the comments.



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  • bainca


  • bianca

    i think demi shuldentbe with logan henderson

  • Tara

    Sry I didn't mean die I meant Demi my iPad does that allot

  • Tara

    Meant Demi

  • Tara

    Die deserves to be happy but if they are just friends good because Demi needs a friend too but I totally will follow them if they are dating Demi dosent keep is out of the loop ever.


    NO HE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • laura pische
    laura pische

    yesssss!!!!(: totally they would make such a cute couple(:

  • Wow people...
    Wow people...

    "He will lose alot of fans who dont like demi" But the REAL RUSHERS will stay, because they just want Logan to be happy.

  • loganismine

    U know what. I dont think its good. That druggie will friken ruin his life. No one likes her. and logan isnt dating her. <-- he even said he doesnt wanna date right now and that he wants a normal girl .. not a celeb. And im a rush too. so i know it :P

  • lovatics92

    OOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG, they would so make a cute couple 2gether. logan is way cute and demi is awesome.

  • Alejandra Jimenez
    Alejandra Jimenez

    they are not dating Logan has confirmed it. Demi and him are only good friends since childhood. Im a rusher so i know

  • rose

    Oh god I hope not. Demi is a very pretty girl but I just don't see them together. But if they do end up dating then whatever it is what it is. I won't be too happy though. As long as she makes him happy I guess. Blah

  • Megan

    OH MY GOD HELL NO THEY SHOULD NOT DATE. Honestly i like him and this seriously will WRECK HIM she is a piece of frickin TRASH. He is way to classy and mature to be with that nasty bitch. Honestly never ever ever ever should they date!

  • kmatieva

    please guys read what you say before you post it and jen what ever your last name are it isent her foult that she got ed or is bulimic if you even have watch any of the interviews she you would now demi had been dealing with this wayyyyy before she became famous and joe jonas oh please that little BOY has nothing to do with this he was only one of the hundreds of reasons she got into rehab and if she hadent she would maybe been dead now and i now youre not that heartless to wish someone who hasnt done you any harm dead what you are doing right now is called bulliyng i am not trying to be rude or something just telling you the truth - k

  • Martush

    It's great if they are really dating. I love Demi and Logan so it is awesome if they are couple

  • OkieDokie

    This chick is so fake. I can't stand her and I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

  • carl

    just because shes a cutter and just out of rehab you can said that shit about her..that logan deserve better than her??wtf, ..if they like each other it's none of your business at all...btw i dont think they have a relationship she just their to support a all of you who hate demi you can ..stfu

  • violet

    hell No! i lost mad respect for her when i found out she was a cutter, and she punched one of her dancers. I could care less if she had a disorder, there's still no excuse. I can't stand her! Logan deserves someone better. anyone but her.

  • angie

    No I wouldn't want them together. For several reasons, she just got out of rehab. She has enough problems already. Its not that I don't lime demi, but she's the type of girl who dates a guy for like 3 weeks then breaks up with him. She switches too much and its probably because she doesn't know what she wants. I think Logan shouldn't be with her because he feels bad for her. They seem better as friends. He should have someone who doesn't have so much drama in their lives. Im sorry but I don't see them as a couple. Sorry fans

  • Jen Shmayel
    Jen Shmayel

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! LOGAN CAN DO BETTER THAN HER!!! He deserves a girl who wont be in and out of rehab.... He's a great guy and can find a better girl - why risk a friendship that long over dating?? He's gonna lose her if they break up anyways - its too awkward for them to date - plus I hate her with a passion cause she's just stupid - so yeah, i don't approve at all..... If anything - she should be focusing on HERSELF - she's the freak show who ended up in rehab over stupid BS like cutting herself, bulemia, and getting dumped by Joe Jonas - like get real - if you're such a "strong" person - you wouldn't have let yourself get to this point - Fame's getting to her - she should'nt be in it clearly - if she's gonna cut her self - what kind of role model is that to people? Disney actors and actresses are screwed over - they do the craziest things and look where they are - and these are the people you want kids to look up to? Please. I wouldn't - I hate the thought of a 19 yr old going out with a dude who is like almost 40. Like wtf was that all about?? FOr Real - Logan doesn't need a chick like that in his life - he's got it all going GREAT for him - the band is doing GREAT - the guys are all AWESOME - the love they get from their fans is INSANITY.. Pretty positive - if he DATES her - he's gonna lose a lot of fans who are NOT a Demi fan.

  • Staice

    they would look so cute together. ButI have .a crush on Logan.And he used to be my old Boyfreind in High school. FUK!

  • Hajar Bessal
    Hajar Bessal

    Isn't she with Wilmer Valderrama!!! But i have to say this guy suits her better :)

  • Siena

    I would love to see Demi date Logan, he seems like a nice guy and she deserves to be happy! But I like Demi with Joe Jonas too! But Logan don't break her heart, or I will get mad at you!

  • kamiluccha

    Oh I hope they are dating !! They make most beautiful couple ever !!! <333

  • Aerocolapink

    They're really good friends Alot of the time magazines and papers need a story and always use personal lives to get a darn front page story or even just a snap If Logan and Demi have decided to give it a go then why not They do make an adorable couple though With Demi going through what she did she deserves a lovely handsome wonderful man in her life I really like Logan and i like Demi

  • rebecca

    They are not dating they are friends geez

  • Rayna

    Lol! People assume shit so quick without any facts. They’ve been friends since they were kids! Since when is showing some support for a friend mean you’re dating? Jeez, a girl & a guy can’t hang out or be friends anymore cause people jump to conclusions. & if they are talking or getting together, who cares?! It’s her life & he’s a good guy, and def a much better choice than Wilmer the pedophile. If she’s happy then who gives a f**k. & i’m sure the source who saw them “making out” probably saw some cheek kissing and a friendly hug, and decide to talk all this crap just to get some time with a magazine. stupidddddd.

  • ejoy0417

    If Demi is Happy so am i Logan will treat her right Yes i want them together

  • livia


  • Danielle Santos
    Danielle Santos

    Will be AMAZING! Logan seems a REALLY cool guy, and Demi is so special and if he is a really great man for her, ok I let them date! haha' LOVE Demi so MUCH!

  • Shelby

    `Demi has been through alot these past years, she deserves to be happy

  • Gregory Kennedy
    Gregory Kennedy

    Yes, I do.

  • Karen

    just because they're standing next to each other does not mean they're dating. they would make a cute couple though (=

  • Ellie McCracken
    Ellie McCracken

    They're my two favourite Celebrities, DATE ALREADY! <3

  • labarr901

    Isn't he dating the redhead from "Victorious"?

  • Jacqueline Seth
    Jacqueline Seth

    I wanna see these two happen! <3

  • Gary Burnaska
    Gary Burnaska

    HL is at it again with baseless rumors. I heard a rumor on a MSG board awhile back that Demz and Logan were under the mistletoe during xmas. If they are dating, Logan is still a far better choice than Wilmer. Just like Joe Jonas these two go back to Acting class that was run by Logan's mother, I also fear that in the end, her issues such as ED's and cutting will be a challenge for her. That is why do not see her really settling down with a man until she is 25. Even someone Logan's age does not have the experience to deal with someone who is Bipolar etc. Also if you read her interviews she wants a man on her beck and call, He might leave if his career really takes off and she wants to crack the pussy whip on him, while He wants to be a free wheeling rock star.

  • HammondTabitha

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  • Kayla Rowles
    Kayla Rowles

    Yes please. I've been wanting them to date for a long time.