Flashback Friday: Lindsay Lohan vs. Megan Fox! (VIDEO)

By: / March 9, 2012

Megan Fox's Foxiest Looks
Check out the actress in her sexiest and sultry styles.
Hollywood starlets Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox have both been super busy lately — from movies to television shows and interviews. But do you remember their very dramatic on-camera act-off eight years ago?

Take a look at the stars as they dish it out in Confessions of a Drama Queen for this week’s Flashback Friday!

Even though Megan Fox plays the mean girl on Confessions of a Drama Queen, she had a big scare during her recent interview on Ellen. What got her so worked up? A man in a giant banana suit, of course. We wonder if she briefly relived her experience as a smoothie girl where she had to dress up in the same bright yellow-costume as well!

Check out the hilarious moment below: 


Lindsay also had her share of fun during her most recent SNL stint. She definitely changed from her girl-next-door act in Confessions of a Drama Queen to a sassy princess in The Real Housewives of Disney

Things turned violent on SNL when Lohan (who played  Rapunzel) slapped fellow Disney princess Cinderella, played by co-star Kristen Wiig. Lohan even turned into a bandana-wearing tough girl in her skit. A big difference from her sweet girl role many years ago!