Flashback Friday: Lindsay Lohan vs. Megan Fox! (VIDEO)

Megan Fox's Foxiest Looks
Check out the actress in her sexiest and sultry styles.
Hollywood starlets Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox have both been super busy lately — from movies to television shows and interviews. But do you remember their very dramatic on-camera act-off eight years ago?

Take a look at the stars as they dish it out in Confessions of a Drama Queen for this week’s Flashback Friday!

Even though Megan Fox plays the mean girl on Confessions of a Drama Queen, she had a big scare during her recent interview on Ellen. What got her so worked up? A man in a giant banana suit, of course. We wonder if she briefly relived her experience as a smoothie girl where she had to dress up in the same bright yellow-costume as well!

Check out the hilarious moment below: 

Lindsay also had her share of fun during her most recent SNL stint. She definitely changed from her girl-next-door act in Confessions of a Drama Queen to a sassy princess in The Real Housewives of Disney

Things turned violent on SNL when Lohan (who played  Rapunzel) slapped fellow Disney princess Cinderella, played by co-star Kristen Wiig. Lohan even turned into a bandana-wearing tough girl in her skit. A big difference from her sweet girl role many years ago!