Jillian Rose Reed Gets ‘Psycho’ with Celebuzz! (VIDEO)

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Jillian Rose Reed vs. Rachel G. Fox.
Scary Beginnings
Celebs who got their start in horror.
Do you like scary movies? Awkward star Jillian Rose Reed sure does — good thing too, because she’s MTV’s new scream queen!

Jillian got a little crazy in the Celebuzz studio talking about her new movie My Super Sweet Psycho 16: Part 3,  which she’s super excited about! “I love horror films,” she gushes. “but I sit in the movies [with my hand over my eyes]. I’m definitely a little baby when it comes to that. I like being scared.” 

When it comes to filming a horror movie, she says, “I’s super fun! Just seeing how they do everything with the blood and special effects was really eye opening for me because I’ve never done a horror movie before. It was a learning experience.” 

She also reveals some season spoilers for her popular show Awkward, which by the way is the highest rated scripted series on MTV!