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Kelly Rutherford is a major television star, having landed roles on everything from Melrose Place to the current CW hit Gossip Girl.

These days, Kelly is also a mom of two adorable children, Hermes, 5, and Helena Grace, 2. As they start to get older, will she one day let them follow in her A-list footsteps and become actors?

“If they love it, absolutely,” she told Celebuzz Thursday evening at the premiere of Big Time Movie in New York City. “I think it’s such a wonderful business and I feel blessed to be a part of it, and to do it.”

Now little Helena is 2 years old, is she beginning to take after her mother?

“Well, my mom always reminds me. She says, ‘Oh my God, she’s just like you!'” Kelly told us. “And I’ll say, “What do you mean? What do you mean?” And it’s always when she’s doing something crazy, like [when she says] “Me do it!” [My mom] said those were my first words, “Me do it.” She’s the same way. She wants to do everything herself.”

Meanwhile, Kelly also revealed she was surprised by how different boys and girls can be.

“I didn’t realize that they just come out distinctly that way, whatever [the sex] is,” she said. “Each of them have such distinct personalities … He’s such a boy. It’s all about blue, and green and black now; it’s about vampires and Spider-Man. There was a time when he was little that he’d be at a girl’s party and he didn’t care! He’d play with the girl.

“They’re still in that wonderful young age where they don’t care. They’re not quite molded yet,” she added.

Gossip Girl airs Monday nights on The CW.