Kim Kardashian Wigs Out (POLL)


Do blondes have more fun?

That's the question Kim Kardashian has posted on her blog along with the following shot of her dressing up in a short, blonde wig!

Just like sister Kendall, the change obviously isn't permanent! Still, what do you think of Kim's much much lighter hairdo? 

Vote in the poll above! And check out the gallery below. Are these stars better off blonde?



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  • Mar Weat
    Mar Weat

  • carmensherri

    I agree with angie. BRUNETTE!

  • angie

    No brunette. Its so much sexier. And its on style.

  • Beyourself

    She could never wear short hair like Halle Berry she doesn't have the face for it. She is a long hair person. Her face is wayyyyy to long. She has ruined her face with plastic surgery.

  • Nicole

    she's still a hooch desperately seeking attention, poor girl

  • Lupe

    I don't think Kim looks good with blond hair, So use to her dark hair it fits her well...

  • Sunny

    she looks like a wh*re both ways.

  • Ruby

    She looks gorgeous both ways.

  • desi123

    if one more person does blonde im going to go carzy

  • Virgimar López
    Virgimar López

    HATE IT FOR SUREEE... Brunette Girls can have much more fun than blondes, if we want to ;) just saying