Kristen Stewart Gets Close to Garrett Hedlund in New 'On The Road' Trailer (VIDEO)

KiKi & Garrett at Sundance
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Watch out, Robert Pattinson! Somebody's getting close to your girl (well, sort of).

After a long wait, fans were finally treated to the trailer for Kristen Stewart's highly-anticipated flick, On The Road, this Friday. In the freshly-released preview, K-Stew, who plays the rambunctious Marylou, is seen getting hot and heavy on the dance floor with lead actor Garrett Hedlund. Based on the famed novel by Jack Kerouac, the film is set to release later this year and we honestly can't wait to see Kristen let loose on screen!

According to to IMDB, the plot of the film is as follows:

Dean (Hedlund) and Sal (Sam Riley) are the portrait of the Beat Generation. Their search for "It" results in a fast paced, energetic roller coaster ride with highs and lows throughout the U.S.
But not to worry, Robsten fans, the steamy chemistry between Kristen and Garrett is strictly fictional. Off screen, the hunky actor is dating Kirsten Dunst, who also appears in the film as Hedlund's second wife.

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  • lala

    you "prstens" are pathetic, goign to every site with this trailer and saying the same thing, as if you're TRULY worried about the integrity fo the project and no speaking lines for Kristen. YOu idiots, did you notice that the lead, Sal, had about FOUR words total spoken??? Or that actual TEXT from the book via voiceover is the main approach on the trailer?? God, you guys need to find real men in your lives, pining over Kristen's bf and hating her only makes you guys more cat lady crazy.

  • kvaughn75

    Transparent much? Why so sweet? Don't worry, you can suck Rob's d*ck any time you want... IN YOUR DREAMS! LOL Let's be honest, Kristen's just a daily reminder of who and what you will NEVER be (talented, kind, beautiful, hard working doh! and Rob's partner) nor have (respect of the Hollywood community, huge fanbase, gobs of money, and Rob in your bed every night). BWAHAHAHA Kristen will be revealed in a trailer from Snow White's POV, it's called saving the best for last. In On The Road she's a supporting character, even though they amped up her role in the script. In FACT, if you are literate and read the new book about her character's real life inspiration Luanne Henderson, you'd know Kristen's character is perhaps the most important. Without her On The Road may never have been written. I'm sure they'd entrust that role with just anyone. And again, the director and marketing team know creating an air of mystique will intrigue people to want to go see the film. Oh and indie's never open wide release, Rob's movie Bel Ami will be lucky to get in U.S. theaters at all. So warm up that vibrator for when the DVD comes out! I hear he's quite the thruster.

  • laura

    1) Well hello there 2nd trailer in a row with NO dialogue from Kristen Stewart! LOL! Wonder what they're trying to hide... *CoughterribleactingskillsCough* 2) Wonder why there's no American distributor? Don't wonder anymore, just go check @Variety_JLD 's twitts&he'll tell you all about it! *bwahahahaha* PS: awwwww....don't be sad little Krisbians, you'll get to fap over Kristen Stewart's countless wilde sex scenes on DVD!!!

  • Cara

    the trailer is beautiful and the cinematography alone is great. I'm looking forward to this especially Kristen's free spirited character- Mary Lou.

  • Liz

    Garret and Kristen are both beautiful

  • tineay

    and by the name "bob," do you mean candykizzes? LOL

  • bob

    >Watch out, Robert Pattinson! Somebody’s getting close to your girl Somebody hasn't had their eyes open for the past 2 years; Dakota Fanning has been getting close to Kstew for a very long time

  • lola

    Why hello there, garrett, you stone cold fox. Who wants to take bets Kristen was a saint in her former life to get cast against hot guys over and over again.

  • talia

    kstew looks great. Garrett? Even better. lol

  • celine

    Wow, Garrett and Kristen look hot dancing together. Garrett's just unf....

  • gloria

    I think it's so cute kirsten and garrett are together. And I think Rob and Kristen are perfect for eachother. YET STILL, come on---Garrett and Kristen being dirty together sure looks good. Call me a voyeur and get me mah binoculars cause this twihard wants a front row seat to MAry Lou's Cold Cream massages!