Style Showdown: Kourtney Kardashian vs. Viola Davis (PHOTOS)


Kourtney Kardashian's ultra-glam Oscar party style was also seen on one of 2012's Oscar-nominated actresses: Viola Davis!

The hot mama rocked this white column silk Raoul 'Penelope' gown to Elton John's Oscar after party, pairing it with Lorraine Schwartz jewels. Kourt looked absolutely glowing in this ensemble with her baby bump!

At what event did Viola wear the gown?

She rocked it at the 3rd Annual Governor’s Awards in LA last November, pairing it with a large bangle and metallic clutch purse.

Who do you think wore it better: Kourtney or Viola? Take the poll and play critic in the comments!



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  • WakingUp

    Ok, I thought that the Kardashians are supposed to be at the forefront of fashion? Viola wore this dress last year in November, Kourtney wore it just last month. Once again a Kardashian is "inspired" by someone elses style, but i digress. I'm giving this one to Viola. It fits her much better and shows her great figure. Her Skin tone makes the dress look even more fab. Viola is wearing the dress, The dress is wearing Kourt.

  • Matt

    Kourtney looks stupid and brainless like always. Viola looks stunning and classy (like always.)

  • angie

    Kourtney, definitely

  • Annya Nathaniel
    Annya Nathaniel

    Both of them looks great!

  • courtneybaaaby

    kourtney by far, it doesnt suit the other girls skin tone.

  • dashlove123

    congrats court! you look better! <3

  • angelakr07

    It look much nicer on viola davis with her nice hair do. I love kourtney, but lets us face the truth it look a little too big on kourtney.

  • Bobbie Owen-Sullivan
    Bobbie Owen-Sullivan

    Kourtney looks way better.

  • Christina Force
    Christina Force

    corrections. lol earthy colors looked better on ppl with darker skin tones

  • Christina Force
    Christina Force

    well. I think Kourt cuz her skin tone.. i think darker skin tones do not look good in white or really lite colors...darker skin tone being, either your tan.. like the shore ppl or black skin toned look better in more natural nature..dunno just my opinion...

  • Teressa Witthoff
    Teressa Witthoff

    I like it on Viola better

  • Janellie Raya
    Janellie Raya

    its not even a question of who looks better, because of coursee its KOURT <3 ily, kourtneyy it is' (:

  • Mercedes Dodge
    Mercedes Dodge

    Kourtney wore it better because its just too light on Viola. Something darker light a dark red or green would have suited Viola better. (:

  • Natalie Dash
    Natalie Dash

    Kourtney all the way xXx

  • Melissa D Preece
    Melissa D Preece

    kourtney wore it way better, she looks fabulous in that dress!!

  • Pau Piedrabuena
    Pau Piedrabuena

    kourtney wore it better , as she does with everything she puts on!

  • Rachel Cullen
    Rachel Cullen

    All the votes are obviously biased because Celebuzz is a Kardashian website. VD looks 10x better with her darker skin!

  • Misty

    kourtney looks better in it