Britney Spears Rejects $10 Million 'X Factor' Offer: Report

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Simon Cowell X-Facto
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It looks like Britney Spears won't be on the judging panel with Simon Cowell anytime soon!

As reported earlier this week, the pop sensation was offered a $10 million contract to act as a mentor on the second season of The X Factor. However, word has gotten out that Britney has reject that hefty sum in hopes of a bigger payday. According to The Wrap, Britney's camp is charging a $20 million fee for hitmaker to appear on the show.

A source close to Spears claims the songstress is looking at a singing residency in Las Vegas instead.

Britney's counteroffer is quite the increase compared to former judge Paula Abdul's paycheck -- who reportedly earned $2.5 million for the last season. With FOX's upfront presentation just around the corner on May 14th, the show's producers are allegedly scrambling to find a big name celeb to join Cowell and LA Reid at the judges' table. 

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  • Ruby

    Britney would be PERFECT for the X-factor. And good on her for upping the price. We all know the show will bring in more ratings than ever before with Britney as a judge so they can definitley afford more.

  • dumas1000

    None of this makes any sense, considering the conservatorship that Britney is under. I suppose that alone is fitting,

  • Barbara Pilgrim
    Barbara Pilgrim

    Good lord. I don't even have 10.00 to my name right now, and 10 million is turned down. Us po' folk could only dream of even thinking about hitting a quarter million in a life-time.

  • Emily Michael
    Emily Michael

    XFACTOR needs to get someone respectable and humble. Maybe someone younger and fresher, too. I'd love to see Demi Lovato up there!