Watch Deleted Scenes from Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Real Housewives of Disney’ Sketch (VIDEO)

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Although Lindsay Lohan received mixed reviews for her performance on last week’s Saturday Night Live, many agreed that the starlet shined in the episode’s “Real Housewives of Disney” short, in which the embattled actress played a very catty Rapunzel amongst other famous Disney princesses. Following the clip’s viral success, NBC has released behind-the-scenes footage of LiLo and the SNL cast with their claws out during the filming of the hilarious short.

Watch the video above to see Lindsay crack up, Taran Killam’s takes on gay Prince Charming, and Kristen Wiig’s hilarious improved insults!

However, these outtakes are not the only thing that ended up on the cutting room floor! According to recent reports, Lindsay was set to star in a skit as Marilyn Monroe with Jon Hamm as John F. Kennedy, but the bit was axed due to time constraints. 

For now, check out what actually made it onto the actual show below!