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From now until tomorrow at 11 AM EST, Celebuzz will be taking your questions for award winning television journalist and bestselling author, Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Jane Velez-Mitchell hosts the hit show Jane Velez-Mitchell airing at 7PM EST on HLN. Jane Velez-Mitchell tackles the most controversial events with a wide range of viewpoints.  Check out for more details.

Get Jane’s opinion on the issues everyone can’t stop talking about, see some questions after the jump!

MTV stars are known for their partying but now they are known for their pregnancies. First the Teen Mom stars and now Jersey Shore's Snooki. Does this give an image to younger girls that its 'cool' to get pregnant at a younger age?

Here’s how to connect with Jane:

Send us your questions on Facebook or tweet your questions to @CELEBUZZ  #askjane — or simply write your question below in the comments section. We’ll send your questions along to Jane, who will pick her favorites and answer them on video which we’ll premiere right here on Celebuzz.

We’ll be taking submissions until tomorrow, March 13 at 11 AM EST. Check back soon for Jane’s expert response!



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  • Dou

    "Can you spot her baby belly?" Her beer belly is hiding it.

  • Bruce E Marshall
    Bruce E Marshall

    I would to see her with her platform pumps on.

  • Maria Alice Brito
    Maria Alice Brito

    her boobs are pregnant

  • justaguy

    oink oink

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