Josh Duhamel’s Mohawk: When Bad Hair Happens to Hot Guys (PHOTOS)

Hot Josh Battle!
From Duhamel to Jackson, the hottest Joshuas!
Josh Duhamel with a mohawk? We never thought we’d see the day!

Los Angeles based radio station K-Earth 101 recently posted this photo of the hunky Transformers actor’s new ‘do, but don’t worry if you’re not digging it, it’s just for a movie! Josh just started filming Scenic Route, and took to the buzzers for this look.

Sadly, he’s not the only hot dude that has had issues with their coifs.

Footballer Tom Brady, rocker Pete Wentz and even Kellan’s Twilight co-star Cam Gigandet have all had hair experiments that went awry. Check out some more photos of hot dudes who experienced momentarily lapses of hair judgement in the gallery!

We’re not exactly sure why Josh needs a mohawk for his latest flick, but according to IMDB, Scenic Route (out in 2013) is about:

“The relationship between two old friends is tested as they are stranded in the desert.”

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