Josh Hutcherson Suits Up at 'Hunger Games' Premiere (PHOTOS)

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Josh Hutcherson certainly looked the part of a post-Glam Squad Peeta Mellark  (minus the "I'm going to die in the arena" mentality, of course) at the Hunger Games premiere in Los Angeles on Monday night. Josh and his castmates Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth were all there to debut the much-anticipated flick to fans. 

However, Celebuzz got a sneak peek and recently chatted with Josh about one part of the film that fans have been dying to see -- the cave scene where Katniss and Peeta share their first real kiss!

Games fans can rejoice after hearing that the cave scene will be pretty long, but Josh admitted that there’s really only one kissing scene. “That’s what happens in the book,” he explains. “We keep it true to that.”

So, is Jennifer a good kisser?

“Twelve out of 10, 100 percent,” Josh said of his gorgeous co-star’s lip locking skills.

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  • Baban

    "One sweet dream came true today "And only the Beatles of that time period could prlaobby really understand the meaning of: "And oh, that magic feeling nowhere to go "

  • mileyismylife

    aww Josh, you sexy thing :) Jennifer is so beautiful and Liam is amazing

  • Debi

    Josh looks like Liam and Jen's son.

  • lol

    hahaha, it's like that raising the bar commercial... but no, they all look good. :)

  • Kylie Ledford
    Kylie Ledford