Judd Apatow: Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux are a ‘Fantastic’ Couple

Jennifer: Wander-ful Work
Aniston says she had the time of her life making 'Wanderlust.'
Wanderlust producer Judd Apatow is thrilled that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Threoux found love on set. He talked to Celebuzz at the John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit in West Hollywood Sunday and said he couldn’t be happier for Jen and Justin.

“They do bring out [the best in each other],” Judd told us. “It was a very happy set. They were in Georgia in the boonies, it was like going to summer camp.”

Seriously, who can’t find love when filming a nudist comedy? “Exactly,” laughed Judd.

“It was fantastic. It was really fun, when we made it they weren’t dating at the time,” Apatow told reporters.

“I spent a lot of time with Justin working on the movie– he is a very very funny actor and writer. It was the first time I got to work with him. Ben Stiller has been saying forever, ‘You know who is the funniest [actor] is– Justin.’ I was glad to hang out with them.”

Another actor that is hilarious that may not get enough credit? Megan Fox. Judd cast her in his upcoming film This is 40 and told us she is a hilarious comedic actress:

“We’ve always loved her. She is hilarious and great at improv. She’s just really fun to work with. Everybody loves her in the movie. There are a lot of people who are funny, but you don’t know it until they are cast in a movie where they are allowed to be funny. I think she gets to show another side to herself.

Go see Wanderlust, is in theaters now, and This is 40 comes out in December.