Kendall & Kylie Jenner Hit 'Hunger Games' Premiere in Matching Dresses (PHOTOS)

Kendall and Kylie Jenner definitely dressed to impress at The Hunger Games' premiere in Los Angeles this Monday! Looking all sorts of fabulous, the girls stunned in co-ordinating black and white dresses and sky-high heels. 

Proud mama Kris Jenner whet fans' apetites with a sneak peek of her daughters getting ready for the big night. She tweeted a photo of the girls all glammed up, saying:

Kendall was snapped showing off her signature stems in an an edgy Alaia dress and Miu Miu shoes. Meanwhile, her younger sis Kylie was white hot in a short Camilla & Marc frock and sparkly Louboutins heels.

Cinna would be proud, girls!



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  • justaguy

    I want to cum all over their cute little faces

  • June James
    June James

    Really sexy Kylie!

  • Cisco Ortiz
    Cisco Ortiz

    she looks hot though. i'd date her if i were straight

  • cisco

    i love the kardashians but kylie looks like a lil hoe.

  • Laura

    I think that her face is everytime more similar to koutney's! and her body is gonna be hot like kim's!! :)

  • Laura

    love the looks!! and kylie is everytime more beautiful!

  • Laura

    SO beautiful!!

  • Laura

    totally agree with you! kylie is definetely my favorite she's beyond gorgeous and SO funny :D

  • ELLE

    I honestly think Kylie has more unique looks and she seems sweet-wherever she goes she always takes the time out to take pictures and talk with fans. They both seem to appreciate what they have which is surprising since they have been raised in such a good life. They both seem talented Kendall is a great model and Kylie is an amazing actress.

  • Lulu

    they're dresses are not matching...

  • Nicole

    I don't think they're anything spectacular, not dead ugly, but not drop dead gorgeous either. I've seen prettier teens at the mall.

  • Stacy

    She is gonna be a heart breaker. Only if Kris Jenner doesn't completly ruin her 1st.

  • Stacy

    Too bad the short one got the Kartrashian genes. The tall one looks great.

  • Katie

    Hmmm no! Kendall is way prettier her smile is beautiful shes like a human barbie doll

  • miss.rouso

    wow. she looks amazing!!

  • justaguy

    They're both really cute..I would love to lick them from head to toe. I bet they taste yummmmy

  • Hannah Nothard
    Hannah Nothard

    Kylie is definately the prettier and nicer one <3

  • mileyismylife

    Kendall and Kylie have grown into such beautiful young ladies :)

  • virarg

    OMG!. She looks like Khloé :D.

  • Jordin

    Classy and gorgeous

  • Lola

    Love Kendalls dress but is too short

  • lola

    so freaking gorgeous! and it's amazing how much kylie's body is everytime more similar to kim's body :)