Kim Kardashian Responds to Jon Hamm's 'Stupidity' Comment


Jon Hamm recently became public enemy number one amongst Kim Kardashian fans when he slammed the reality TV starlet in an interview with Elle UK. The Mad Men actor had harsh words for Kim, saying:
"Whether it's Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f--king idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you're rewarded significantly."
On Monday, Kim took it to her Twitter to speak her mind on the matter. She wrote in an extended tweet:

"I just heard about the comment Jon Hamm made about me in an interview. I respect Jon and I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that not everyone takes the same path in life. We’re all working hard and we all have to respect one another. Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, “stupid,” is in my opinion careless."
What do you think about all of this? Are you Team Jon or Team Kim? Sound off in the comments below! 

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  • Jill C
    Jill C

    Seriously all you haters are so cluless, you can state your opinion all you want, its never going to count for any thing, fact is she is a successful business women that makes more money than you can imagine, all the while you poor poor bastards and I do mean POOR, sit around talking your shit about the Kardasian gang, for what ? shes making the money, works her ass off, none of you no her personally to have such nonscence to say about her, just gos to show how many green eyed monsters there are living amongst us, go crawl back into your caves you jelouse lil trolls, all of you !!!!!!!

  • Carol Ann
    Carol Ann

    I think stupid was a bit harsh in some ways but, on the other hand you gotta wonder if Kim would be who she is today and where she is today if it had not been for her famous family and family money. She really only has talent for getting attention and would she even have that if not for the family & money. You know what I mean? - - Guess I am on Team - John Hamm on this one.


    the asshole remark, you're talking about those 3 broads in the picture , right, as i say, you 3 broads, you're all lost SOULS @ READ A BOOK....


    you are another immature fake person @ very young to follow an empty soul as hers. you'll learn as you mature in life and stop hanging with the gang bangers, how bout' this, READ A BOOK...

  • Prophet of the Obvious
    Prophet of the Obvious

    Kim represents the worst in our culture. I am ashamed that she is a fellow American. She is the butt of the world's joke and people that aspire to be like her are doomed to a life of materialism and envy. She will be used up and tossed aside by the very same sheeple who at one point loved her. Hers will be a cautionary tale of excess and greed and the fickleness of fame.

  • Toni Ann Whitmore
    Toni Ann Whitmore

    I don't give a crap about Kim or Khloe Kardisan (I know I misspelled her last name). I don't care about Jon either. Who cares?!

  • mandy

    KIM wooohooooo

  • Shar James
    Shar James

    Team Kim..don't knock some1else's hustle because u didnt think of it first....There is enough pie to go around Hamm...don't get urself in a tiffy!!...I didnt rate the sex tape thing but look @it evry1 who came out with one has pretty much dropped off the radar and fizzled...Kim on the other hand has still been on the top makin tht whether she will b a has been years down the road she still was a "has" once and somehow i doubt she will b suffering wen that time comes...and the fact that he could even mention her she is everywhere he turns and that's wat hurts him!!!hahaha...Keep doin u Kim....u aint successful if u aint hated on..That's wat makes the world turn hunni!!!

  • lol

    A new product like quick trim ? hmmm.... Definitley not stupid

  • Crystal McKenney
    Crystal McKenney

    I Team Jon

  • deb

    Team Kim

  • Elijah - TN
    Elijah - TN

    hahahaaha another stupid bitch tryna tell us how hardworkin alla them hollywood types is that some crazy shit try my job for a week and theyd quit after a day need a massage or a therapy lesson or summin she earn more than i would make in 3-400 yrs of work like that *snaps fingers by marryin some guy an puttin it on national tv maybe that is smart but that aint hardworkin by a damn sight she aint earned her goddamn place

  • Thayana Hanrath
    Thayana Hanrath

    It is such a shame that there are honest and talent people working in good and great causes right now and people like these family makes millions of dollars doing nothing. She says she is a lot of things? come on, you just sign your name on those things and get you $$ for them. Be real.

  • ruth

    one thing my girl Kim you have haters keep doing your thing porn might get you popular but you work had to stay on top of your game so let them hate in the end ur check fatter then any of them haters you rule Kim!!!

  • kat

    And i would bet $1m she didnt even write that tweet

  • family

    Hamm! Hamm! Hamm! (that sounds a bit naughty for a vegetarian...) If I never SEE, (or especially ) NEVER HEAR another Kardashian.. whiny, narcissistic,disgusting voice... it will be a happy 2012 for all...and I hate all you defenders of the don't even bother to hate on me A-holes. OR should we call you K- HOLES?????

  • kat

    Team Hamm. I only saw the show once and found it cringe-worthy! Someone needs to tell these girls it's okay to be intelligent.. it makes your more attractive not less. Who in their right mind could tolerate this ridiculously pathic excuse for a show.. wannabe bimbo's that's who. I wouldn't be bothered if they didn't try and call it "realty".. what a joke. Maybe they call it reality because she clearly can't act or do much of anything, except get her photo taken. Anyone else noticed how freaky looking her face is getting.. she is starting to look like that cat women freak. Gross. From a fasion point of veiw, Kim needs a new stylist, Koutney however has a divine sense of style and is much more beautiful.

  • sarah

    I find the Kardashians annoying as a whole, and I loathe Paris Hilton and all she stands for but that said, if you've got the skills make millions off of branding yourself, stupid you are not. Vapid and narcissistic maybe, but not stupid. I think Jon chose his words poorly.

  • Nname

    You realize you just backed the Jon supporters with your STUPID comment, right?

  • Nname


  • Nicole

    Hamm all the way! I use to be a fan of the K family, that was until she refused to give me a refund after I returned a hair piece chain that broke as soon as I got it out the package. This has been going on for months!

  • Lila

    I agree with him. It's not classy for him to call anyone stupid, though, even if they are.

  • Jeremy Bailey
    Jeremy Bailey

    she'll be a distant thing we talk about when talking about the lame years and Jon will be remembered for being a good actor with loads of talent....Kardashians in the walmart clearance bin anyone?!

  • guest

    Finally, somebody who is in the limelight telling the truth about another celeb. What I don't understand is why these "dumb" broads like the Kardashian and Hilton and the rest would rather play stupid when they are really intelligent. Trust me, women out there who are both gorgeous and genius could rule the world. Gorgeous genius - yep that's it. P.S. Hamm team I'm on.

  • michelle

    Just because he is telling the truth does not necessarily mean it's hating...

  • Maricel

    It is unfortunate all the attacks on celebrities and such hateful comments towards a woman that did not allowed her mistakes dictated her future. Kim has made lemonade out of lemons and laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Jeremy Bailey
    Jeremy Bailey

    OK somebody tell me what she has written , her books dont count cuz they r Ghost written, she doesnt run her own company she has people who does that, she doesnt design her own stuff she has designers and she approves designs (I CAN SIT AROUND AND SAY YES OR NO) this is with her clothes and jewlery. what did she produce? other then a sex tape and fake press. Her show is a hit cuz lets face it guys want to see her butt and others want to see her screw up . She is a self-absorbed, fake celeb who will be gone in a year or two. She is a KNOWN LIAR and even fakes CHURCH VISITS to try and calm down the fact that she was caught faking a marriage and trying to BS people all the time. I think shows like that should go she doesnt do any good for people never puts hers money to good use other then buying herself some. her family fights for attention by gettting married nd having kids and divorcing all ofr TV! WTH when will it stop, she is a bad influence and we should all BOYCOTT HER! I usually dont like to judge but she embarassed herself and EVERYONE by lying to them and thinking we are dumb enough to believe her "HOLLYWOOD LIES" I dont wish ill will but come one how much more do we have to believe....oh yah LOOK AT HER BUTT A COUPLE YEARS AGO AND LOOK NOW SHE FAKED THAT X-RAY AnD in some pics and her sex tape u see hshe has had both butt and boob jobs, just recently her butt looks completely different, yes i looked and know but LYING is what i CANNOT STAND and people that filled with themselves and lies should be promoted they should be helped and get help! GOD BLESS she NEEDS IT! AND BOYCOTT HER!

  • Kristina Ensminger Bottcher
  • zack

    Jon Hamm is a versatile actor whereas Kim Kardashian is suckling at the teat of being marginally attractive. She has no talent and offers nothing to her fans but a crappy clothing line, that she wouldn't even wear, from Sears made by kids in 3rd world nations.

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check

    Um, she is famous because she had sex and got pissed on, on camera - he is totally right and she is a disgusting human being, and I use the term "human being" loosely...

  • felipemnz

    Kim became famous because of the sextape. No one deny that right? You can't stay in the past, the life GOES ON! Every time I read an article about she and her family it is all about a magazine cover, a new product, new store, new jewerly etc.. She don't do porn for a living , so get over yourself & all the that things.. By the way , I don't care about JOn Hamm and his career or whatever he does...........

  • L.H

    Well certainly Jon Hamm is not in the news for makin a sex tape, he is an actor who actually works to get recognized. He has talent which she lacks ALOT. I agree with aall the hate kim k comments here..TEAM HAMM..

  • felipemnz

    Team Kardashian all the way !!!!! If you're still saying "the Kardashians are talentless" PLEASE GET YOUR OWN OPINION and think DIFFERENT than BARBARA WALTERS !!!! If they're talentless then you're brainless because you can't be independent and think by your own criteria. If you work on something you have talent doing what YOU DO!! Everyone have their own talent. GO TO HELL HATERS .l.

  • adfm

    john hamm = charmig, funny, intelligent and great actor. kim kardashian = annoing voice, thinks she's a celebritie, but she only is just one of those reality stars who do nothing but ridiculous things. that's my opinion

  • trish22

    Some would say that getting married then divorced after 72 days is careless.

  • Alyssa

    Team Hamm!!

  • L S
    L S

    And who is that she's refering to??? Writer, designer, what else? pfffff... she sure lives in her own alternate reality, because all we see from her is what Jon said. A complete stupidity.

  • Nancy Burian
    Nancy Burian

    Kim K: The wordless 'careless' is not how I describe you at all. You are: narcissistic, stupid, but I think a word that should be in there is "lucky" because you have NO talent, your're not nice, you lie, you're money hungry, you act like a child not like an adult. You're 30 or 31 years and you haven't grown up yet! Oh, I forgot one other word,, whiner! I remember you from some other reality show a long, long time ago: something about rich kids. You were awful then and you've just gotten worse. I can't even blame it on your mother because I think you know how you are and you don't care one bit. You could have changed your ways and actually become a nice person, but you choose NOT to. Your reality show sucks, you're not a REAL actress, you produce? Ha, that's a joke, you can write? and your designs are cheap. You talk like a Valley Girl and your 30! And after that stunt you pulled on your ex husband, no wonder why no one accepts you anymore. You have a long way to go girl, before you get any respect. You are unbelievable and NOT in a good way.

  • Mike Malone
    Mike Malone


  • jj92

    He only told the truth...

  • Stephanie Chambers
    Stephanie Chambers

    Team Kardashian........he is an ass for calling an independent woman stupid

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    I agree with him.

  • cristina

    She definitely had these tweet proofread. Team Jon

  • diggz

    team Kardashian !!!

  • farrahimkardash

    Another Asshole