Kim Kardashian Wigs Out in Platinum Blonde Hair (PHOTOS)

Is Kim Kardashian trying to see if blondes do have more fun?

The reality TV starlet changed up her look today as she stepped out of The Hair Shop salon in a long, platinum blonde wig. Kim had some fun on her Instagram account last week when she modeled various wigs for followers -- but it looks to us like the well-known brunette has taken a liking to the golden locks!

Recently, Kim responded to hurtful comments Mad Men actor Jon Hamm made about her. Hamm slammed Kardashian in an Elle UK interview, saying, “Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f–king idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly.”

On Monday, Kim fired back on her Twitter. She wrote:

“I just heard about the comment Jon Hamm made about me in an interview. I respect Jon and I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that not everyone takes the same path in life. We’re all working hard and we all have to respect one another. Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, “stupid,” is in my opinion careless.”

Looks like Kim not so much of a "dumb blonde" after all! 



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  • Diane Campbell
    Diane Campbell

    JELOUSY IS UGLY! and you must be grotesque

  • Diane Campbell
    Diane Campbell

    LOL- and what r u marylin effin monroe? she is absolutely gorgeous and u r nohing but a tasteless clown. stop hating women who look good and try hard to look sexy.

  • HotNYCGirl

    Ya iknow women who cant find anything nice to say about a beautiful woman like Kim K are just jealous. She does not look 50! Doesnt look ugly because she couldnt look ugly if she tried to, she looks like Kim K with a platinum wig and you are all HATERS. This girl is absolutely gorgeous so stop being such freaking jealous little trolls

  • Refiloe Mazibuko
    Refiloe Mazibuko


  • Jzba Ajnabi
    Jzba Ajnabi

    hmm nice

  • sam

    If i was her i do the same .....hid me so kno one would kno its m haha hard times... kim ...hard times and take that shit off u r who ur aint change that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maarzch Leto Venegas
    Maarzch Leto Venegas

    I really gonna hate she, if she starts to be blonde

  • Michelle Rustay Serrano
  • ME

    Why doesn't she realize that the dark hair hides her plastic surgery much more. This looks makes it obvious that she has had work done.

  • ME

    She looks at least 50 with this hair. I'm sorry, not cute. I guess she is wearing wigs because her own hair is falling out due to extensions.

  • Miss A
    Miss A

    it looks like trash kim take it off! i think maybe you went to far trying to show off your fun/spontaneous side.. very tacky, you have way higher standards so take that as a compliment :)

  • canary

    gorgeous KK

  • canary

    Colors do not affect the curves of the body does not change its shape or spirit Amazing all the time KK

  • Nicole

    that black chick rides their coat tails

  • Nicole

    she got a jersey shore make-over as well, snooki's twin

  • Nicole

    looks cheap...shocking!

  • A.

    LOL - she looks like Jon Hamm's girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt now. Too funny

  • Angelika

    she loooks like porn star

  • Deb

    The girl could wear green hair and look amazing. There is not a single thing more she could do to get any prettier. Her pretty is maxed. Gorgeous girl!

  • Bella Aksana
    Bella Aksana

    she looks like 50 years old kim)))))

  • Lisa Shone
    Lisa Shone

    i think she looks sexy, different, but sexy!

  • llissel

    Thank goodness is just a wig, now please take it off now!! You are truly beautiful with your natural hair color!