Kissing Connection: Blake Lively's History of Love (VIDEO)

Blake & Ryan Hold Hands
The lovebirds show some PDA! Read More »

Although she has said that she has never actually been on a date, Blake Lively has had some very high profile and handsome men in her life.

For years she was seeing her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley.  Following that she briefly dated Ryan Gosling and then Leonardo DiCaprio .  

Most recently she has been romancing her Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds -- the couple is going strong and were snapped holding hands during a romantic picnic on Sunday. The two seem to be very happy together. Last year Ryan took her home for the holidays with his family in Vancouver.  Sounds serious!

Check out the video to see the detailed history of Blake's hunky loves!

Do you think she has finally found the one with Ryan? Let us know in the comments!



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  • Sergei

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds can't stop 'cuddling and kissing' during New-------------Wai, whats that, im sory ken you repeat what you just said i kant hear what u said----hmmmm-I just want my phonecall ):-(), So you think Betmen(dingle) made Atlanterica a Better place? :)

  • Sergei Mifle
    Sergei Mifle

    dooods, how long do I have to beat your heads against the wall before you get the point that I dont give fk who Bl dated, been with, did drgs with,fckd with, ate icecream with, went on a stroll in a park with,went to a gym with,ran naked on a beach with,DAMN is she really that ignorant. I mean how heartless is Bl to be doing this stuff to all of you? DRUGS and DINGLE! ):-(((( Well if she really has a deth wish, I cant make her physically jump out of this pc of shts bed, but whatever, I mean few more months none of this sht wont make any difference. Ou and FL-ish has a lil surprise waitin soon :) I am a moan of my word! ):-((((

  • Sergei

    My silliness Blakey ;)