Liam Hemsworth: Dating Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Get Me Acting Gigs


Liam Hemsworth isn't dating teen pop star Miley Cyrus for the fame. In the new issue of Flaunt Magazine, the hunky Hunger Games actor talks about his budding career, adding that his dating life doesn’t help him land starring roles.
“It’s definitely nice to have people around me like [my brother] and my girlfriend who have experienced it before. To ask them questions, it definitely makes it easier in that sense. It doesn’t make it any easier getting roles. It’s just me in the room when I’m meeting directors and reading with directors.”

The couple, who met on the set of Last Song in 2009, have been dating on and off ever since.

In the issue, Liam goes on to talk about all the support he has from friends and family.

"You lose focus when you don’t have good people around you. I think whatever I was doing in this world I would want a loving family that supported me and friends, good people around me that bring out the best," he said.

Check out more of Liam's interview at Flaunt Magazine.



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  • Sierra

    Im so happy that you two are togther. But miley u look better in brown hair because u guys make such a cute couple in the last song! U two should get married right away! Liam do u really love her ? or do u just care about her getting u jobs and stuff in that movie u guys made a connection :) U BOTH R MY HEROS !!!!

  • jeo cleark
    jeo cleark

    ya this content is really to good and i feel this information is matching me. but some people didn't like dating but this time i think it is best way to find your match i am agree with you. thanks.

  • May

    Oh silly boy, yes dating her gets your jobs and also gets you noticed. stop lying.


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