Ricky Martin Talks ‘Glee’ & Opens Up About His Love Life For The First Time!

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Ricky Martin made his official comeback with a performance of “Sexy & I Know It” that sizzled up Glee’s Latin Week theme last month — and has inspired him to continue acting. Martin is now going to hit Broadway, taking on the role of Che in the revival of Evita. 

This spicy Latino star also opened up about his love life for the first time since coming out of the closet to The Advocate.

Martin has settled down in New York with his partner Carlos Gonzalez Abella — a financial analyst-stockbroker — and his twin boys.  

When he first encountered his now boyfriend, he wasn’t looking for a relationship. “It was just one of those things that just happened. You’re not supposed to be here right now. Would you please allow me to just go on my journey?” Martin admits.

But now he couldn’t ask for anything more … “I think he’s so sexy. He’s very smart. That is such a turn-on. He leaves the house every day in a suit and tie and that is so sexy. It’s two different worlds — his and mine. I know as much about his world as he knows about my world, which makes it really cool.”

See the full interview in The Advocate ‘s April issue.