Rihanna Sports Fanny Pack in NYC: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

It looks like Rihanna is bringing back fanny packs!

The "You Da One" singer was seen exiting her hotel in the big apple on Monday, and looked more like a mom from the 1990s than her usual (and very sexual) self. Not only was Ri rocking a blinged out fanny pack, but was in a denim on denim ensemble. Is it weird that we kind of like it?

Do you think Rihanna will be able to make fanny packs happen?

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  • MsRiri

    so dats the wig shes sticking on right now?

  • Selma

    Not feeling her outfit, but it's nice to see her with clothes on for a change.

  • Selma

    I think her jeans are too tight squeezing her butt in a weird way..

  • Nicole

    Where's her ass?! *tear drops*

  • Whitney Brooke Pendergrass
    Whitney Brooke Pendergrass

    Rihanna's a gorgeous girl in my opinion, but this hair color ages her in the worst way.

  • Christa Lawhun
    Christa Lawhun

    When ya want to be out and not bothered that will do it :) Although I think she's a little hottie no matter what. :)

  • Krystal Lynn Kidwell
    Krystal Lynn Kidwell

    she looks so diffrent!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda Loveshergirlandboys Moore
    Amanda Loveshergirlandboys Moore

    old school but not cute imo.

  • Patsy May Fryer
    Patsy May Fryer

    no! she looks like shes on her way to a carboot sale... rihanna is hawwwwwwt! but this is not a good look

  • Misty