Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Benson Go Neon on 'Spring Breakers' Set (PHOTOS)

Spring break continues!

Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson have been hard at work filming Spring Breakers for the past few weeks and the paparazzi have not missed a beat while catching these ladies in their scantily clad outfits. This time around, the Vanessa and Ash were sporting neon colors as they shot by the water, showing off their abs and long legs with Vanessa in Meringue DL1961 Premium Denim Cameron pin-up shorts.

While these ladies filmed, SelGo was having a bit of fun with her beau Justin Bieber.

The teen power couple were seen having a fishing trip in Florida over the weekend, where they held hands and spent time with the newly 18-year-old's family.

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery!



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  • Jennifer

    they are all bad rolemodels for kids. they eeithr have picture scandals, pregnant, or lie about a nose job. have you heard ashley's music? seriously all these disney channel stars that are like supposed to be role models sing about boys. I've heard little girls running around singing headstrong and If we were a movie. When i heard one of them singing that i told my friends and sisters what mom would want to hear their 6 year old daughter running around singing about guys and how they miss them *My Personal thoughts*

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    just a wig

  • candy

    Do some of you not realize this blond wig is for a movie role? Vanessa hasn't changed her hair. She still has her brunette hair. This is how her character Candy looks in the movie. I'm thinking they must be hitchhiking in that scene they're filming.

  • justaguy

    Ashley Benson is insanely hot

  • Sharyn McGill
    Sharyn McGill

    now she looks like every other wanna be in Hollywood. Her brunette hair was beautiful!!

  • Claire Dowling
    Claire Dowling

    that young woman's pants are on show!

  • carmensherri


  • carmensherri

    Is that her real hair or it's just a wig? Although, brunette's more sexy than blondir hair.

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