Carrie Underwood is a ‘Good Girl’ on SELF Magazine Shoot

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Underwood stuns on the ACA's red carpet.
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Ever since winning American Idol, Carrie Underwood, 29, has taken country music by storm with three platinum albums, 14 #1 singles, and five tours. But she’s not just succeeding in her career. She’s also balancing her career and personal life,  enjoying her marriage to hockey player Mike Fisher, 31.

In SELF’s April issue, the “Good Girl” rocker opened up her marriage and flirting with her husband via text messages.

Carrie has a great set of legs, but what does her hockey-playing husband think of her assets? She reveals that she often gets flirtatious text messages while working a red carpet, saying:

“I get texts from Mike when I’m on a red carpet that read ‘You’re so hot!’ I like that. Words of affirmation mean a lot to me. But my husband is also pretty conservative. When I’m wearing some outfits, he’ll say, ‘That dress is a little short, don’t ya think?'”

She may have a smokin’ body, but she confesses that she loves food. She’s been a vegetarian for seven years, but it wasn’t until observing a friend’s results that she decided to make the switch to 95% vegan.

Likewise, to keep her body whipped into shape, she works out with a deck of cards–when she’s not with her trainer, of course.

“I have a game I love for when I’m working out on my own, without a trainer. I take a deck of cards and assign each suit a body area.”

In music-related news, she dropped her brand new music video yesterday for her smash hit “Good Girl.” In the clip, girl-next-door Carrie sings off against rocker-chic Carrie. Check it out:

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